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#5852: Well, that didn't take TOO long.

Now that the stairwell is painted, I just need to wait for it to dry, and then I can reassemble the front hall. It'll look nice once completed. I pulled down the masking tape on most of the hallway and it already looks a lot better than it did.

I'm going to the hardware store for some new switches, as they're dirty and old and some of them are missing bits of plastic around the throw. At the same time I need to see if I can figure out what to do about the switches by the front door, because they're an odd type which apparently is either no longer made or a special order, particularly for the outlet covers we've selected. ("We". I make this sound like I had input. Heh.)

Anyway, didn't get two of the two-place switch covers, and we needed two; also I need to find some solution for the switches by the front door. I can do that best at the store, I think.

First, though, post this, cool down a bit, have a shower. Then off we go.

I noticed something: the west wall in the hallway was Dusty Rhodes, as mentioned previously, but that color seems to end at the front door. ("Seems to have ended", that is, since now it's all "buttermilk cream".) North of the front door, though, and the entire eastern wall, was this very slightly green off-white. The entire stairwell, too. I don't know why Dad picked that color; he didn't like green and I therefore distinctly remember everyone commenting about him choosing that color. Apparently it went better with the floor we had in there; anyway, after 35 years it was pretty cruddy-looking, and the flooring was changed in 2008 anyway, so now we have "buttermilk cream" which is a warmer color. With the light fixtures we have, it's going to look sensational.

It already looks so much better than it did, I just can't stand it. Which is good, because holy shit did I have to do a lot of prep on that hallway before I could paint it. And at that, I missed a few dings here and there which I naturally saw while painting; they're just going to have to remain there for a while longer. I'll keep the leftover buttermilk cream paint and touch 'em up sometime. (And it took less than a gallon to do the front hall, bonus points.) And there's a lot of woodwork in that hallway. Besides the baseboards and the trim surrounding the front door, we have two sets of louvered doors with their associated trim, the closet door with trim, the baseboards on the staircase, and the woodwork surrounding the stairwell. It all had to be masked and/or covered. And let's not forget masking the ceiling, which required Og's fancy ladder and fifteen nerve-wracking minutes atop it just to do the stairwell.

Next up, I think I'll do the other hallway, the one off the bedrooms, because that should be pretty quick. WTF it's like 300 square feet of wall, less doorways, and the ceiling is maybe 60 square feet. And once that's done?

The family room. If the front hallway is any guide, it'll be a ballbuster, but hopefully a lesser one. Easier to mask and edge--because there's just the one window and the patio door, and none of the woodwork makes weird 45° angles--but lots of surface area on those walls. And I have to figure out what I'm going to do with that partition wall Dad built, and get it done, before I can really call that room "finished".

And once the family room is done, painting the kitchen walls is next. Masking the kitchen will be the biggest pain in the ass of all the rooms in the house.

But that's something for another day. Not today. Today, a little relaxation and a trip to the hardware store, followed by some wiring and switch-replacing and such, none of which should be very physically demanding.


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