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#5854: Denying reality

Mrs. Fungus commented today about how she'd seen someone with a bumper sticker showing a silhouette of Barack Obama, saying, "Still my President".

Well, WTF, if we can do that, can I still say that Ronald Reagan is my President? Or--even better!--George Washington? I'd sure like that!

*rolleyes* then I said, in my "old man" voice, "I don't care if he's dead! John F. Kennedy is still my President!"

* * *

This reminded me that I wanted to talk about The Orville, the pilot ep of which we watched the other night.

I liked it. I liked it a lot.

The setting is a Promethean future, and the first five seconds of program were very encouraging. It was a shot of New York City with a sea level approximately where it is now, not--unlike The Expanse--an NYC with a huge dike around it.

As advertised, this is Star Trek with humor in it; it's not Galaxy Quest, which was meant to be a comedy, but serious science fantasy with jokes. It's meant to be fun. There were a couple of good cracks in there, too. I laughed out loud several times.

Yeah, "it's meant to be fun", and that's probably why the critics don't like it. But 90% of the viewers do, and that's the important part.

Meanwhile, CBS isn't allowing reviews of Star Trek: Dishwasher before the pilot ep runs, which is a sure sign they know they have a turd on their hands.

* * *

Found short-sleeve henleys at WalMart today. Only two decent colors, though, but now I have two new comfortable shirts, and for a mere $8 apiece.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus put on 9 to 5 after we watched the most recent ep of American Horror Story: Cult. Spoilers ahead!

Getting sick of little Miss Screamy-mimi, I'll tell you that. Trump won the election and she utterly lost her shit, and now she's seeing things, and every time she does she freaks right the hell out. To make things even more entertaining, there's a huge power failure, and she wanders around her living room whimpering like a four-year-old denied a cookie. I wanted to reach into the screen and slap her.

Gay neighbor gives her a gun, she shoots someone with the gun--I don't know what the laws are in Michigan (where the story is set) but from here I get this comment:
...having illegally transferred ownership of a pistol to a woman with a history of mental illness, he is looking at some serious jail time.
But doing a little research, I found that anyone obtaining a handgun "in any manner" must go through a series of bureaucratic hoops with the local police department. Since Screamy-mimi failed to do that, both she and the gay neighbor are in a heap of legal trouble, especially now that she's gone and shot someone with the thing. Which means she's going to go to jail.

$5 says the writers ignore that pesky detail.

* * *

Postponing the pool draining until after the weekend. Whee!

* * *

Well--the bout of insomnia I got upon going to bed with Mrs. Fungus about 11-ish seems to be going away, and I'm starting to get tired finally. Time for bed.

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