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#5858: Indian summer, early

Running errands yesterday I was struck with how the air felt.

We've arrived at that time of year where the mid-afternoon sunlight is golden, where the air is cool enough that it's pleasant, but warm enough to still feel summery, and winter is still far enough away that we don't even need jackets at night.

Yet it felt like an unusually warm day in October, rather than a typical mid-September day. It smelled like mid-autumn, had the same feel, as if it were one month later than it is. More of the trees have begun to turn colors--it's no longer confined to maples--and it makes me wonder about what kind of winter we're facing.

It's been a terribly dry month. I last mowed the grass when? I don't remember, but it certainly hasn't needed it this month. That's over two weeks. Well, it's been a dry summer, and I've only cut it some five or six times since the pool went up July 3. In a typical summer, it needs it weekly.

Well, then. I wonder what winter will be like?

* * *

"Fight Against Slavery" wants people to work for it for free. Of all the types of irony there are, clueless leftist irony is the best.

* * *

Commie-lib says the election of Trump eclipsed 9/11 as a national disaster.


Best response: "you realize people died in the first event and the second one was an election that didn't go your way, right?"

After being called on it, the dipshit doubled down: "ask 800,000 dreamers what they think".

Then leftists wonder how Trump could have gotten elected. Fer friggin' my snack.

* * *

CNN snowflake triggered by man saying he loves "boobs". Oh dick.

* * *

Toys 'R' Us is on the skids, too, which is the first I've heard of this. Entering the "death spiral" where they don't have the money to buy stock, which they need to make money. Never had a problem with Toys 'R' Us (unlike Sears) so this is an unpleasant surprise to me.

But capitalism will be capitalism, and if they can't compete--well.

* * *

Egad: "100% of all St. Louis murder suspects for 2017 are black".

I'm sure this is just because of racism.

* * *

NFL doesn't understand why it's losing viewers when it's being tolerant and inclusive.

ASM 826 blockquotes a comment from the linked news article, and I thought this paragraph sums the issue nicely:
I will not watch a single NFL game until the protests during the national anthem end. Period. So, NFL fix the problem of the whiny, rich, spoiled kids throwing a tantrum or your ratings will continue to slide. I cancelled ESPN. I watch sports for fun and news for politics. Get out of politics or your ratings will continue to slide.
The people who refuse to stand for the national anthem are paid in the top 1% of incomes to play a game. As professional athletes they have to train a lot to stay in top condition, but in exchange for that they're very rich, and get the best health care you can imagine. Refusing to stand for the national anthem, rather than appearing to be noble protest, comes off as ungrateful and petulant because everyone knows that pro athletes are rich. The league minimum base salary is $450,000 a year, which is a mere 15x than the national median salary.

And about twelve minutes out of each game is actual gameplay; the rest is loitering. Each NFL team plays about 16 games a season. So, $450,000 for a bunch of training and 3.2 hours of game time. Do NFL players have overtime? Sounds like training camp is five or six hours of physical activity and two or three hours of meetings every day, with an hour or two for lunch and relaxation. It seems as if training camp is meant to harden the players up after their vacations from February through July--five months when all they need to do is maintain their conditioning and no games are being played.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but football is a quintessentially American game, and if you want Americans to watch it, you need to make sure those Americans aren't being offended. Most Americans don't mind people being paid scads of money to play a kids' game, but those people are a special class of entertainers and the league itself maintains an image of the sport being an American tradition. It seems hypocritical that the league says "tradition!" but doesn't hold its employees to that standard.

* * *

So, with the return of warm weather, we've had the AC on, but the past few days are the first time in weeks that we've needed it.

Mrs. Fungus has some kind of URI, and I do too. For the past two weeks I've been awakened frequently at night with a dry cough, which means sinusitis; today I have that on top of whatever moderate crud she caught, so I have a bit of a scratchy throat and congestion. I feel like a sack of slugs.

Meanwhile, work progresses. The other hallway is the target of today's efforts. Off I go.

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