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#5862: Trouble Maki

Kitten has had a couple bouts of diarrhea. Yesterday I had to help Mrs. Fungus clean him, and we found that there was a little bit of blood involved, bright red.

Most likely reason: cats aren't really equipped to deal with loose stools, physiologically, so when they have diarrhea they tend to pop blood vessels in rectum and anus more frequently than humans do. A tiny bit of blood is therefore merely a side effect of some temporary gut malf.

But cats can get worms (though Maki should not have any, as he's already been de-wormed twice in his life, and our adult cats are healthy) and those also will cause loose stools with the occasional bleeding. So you know what that means!


4:10 tomorrow is the soonest they could get him in at the pet clinic, and I need to bring a poop sample. Such a stimulating life I lead.

* * *

Marvelous. I'm glad I no longer use Avast!, because damn. That's the very definition of a trojan horse, as applied to software: a program which purports to clean computers of malware instead installing it. Perfect.

* * *

People critical of Trump donating "only" a million to Harvey relief efforts themselves donated NOTHING to that cause. Because hypocrisy is one of the basic features of leftism.

* * *

Chicago continues to be a war zone. 95% of the violent crimes are committed by 5% of the city's population. Chicago's violence problem is a gang problem.

I notice that one of the shootings occurred in Chicago Heights, not Chicago itself. Found the location given in the article and--imagine my surprise--it's in the absolute worst neighborhood of Chicago Heights, one that's been a near-ghetto for decades and that abuts on Ford Heights, which is the shittiest shithole around and which has also been a near-ghetto for decades.

I happened to drive not a tenth of a mile from that site last week, on my way to get fried chicken. The young men in that neighborhood all wear the same kind of clothes. Three guesses what the demographics of that neighborhood are.

That area is several miles away from the bunker, and it's always been a shithole, as long as I can remember. The Fungal Vale itself is still a safe, sleepy bedroom community, aggressively middle class and more concerned about property values than anything else.

Even so, I guess from this point forward I have to take the longer and more inconvenient route to get that fried chicken. Gang members have horrible aim and I don't want to get caught in a crossfire.

* * *

Kim du Toit makes a good point about the utility of electric cars. Our masters have decided we will electrify. Well, heck, it's not like any of them will be stranded on an interstate in the path of an oncoming hurricane!

* * *

This is exactly so. Your great-great grandparents owned slaves? You're culpable and need to be punished severely, you racist nazi. That Mexican kid was dragged here by his father? It's not his fault, so we need to attach him to the government teat for life.

That about covers it.

* * *

Thanks to modern technology, I didn't really internalize the fact that The Orville is being shown on Fox, which has a history of sabotaging its sci-fi offerings.

Fox's idiocy torpedoed Firefly, by showing the episodes out of order and juggling its time slot like this guy:

(Wait--is that ¡El Horno! holding the tuba???)

As I recall Enterprise also ran on Fox, and again they gave it the worst time slot possible, and kept moving it.

...they set Orville to run on Sunday, then pre-empt it with a frigging football game. *sigh* And thanks to that self-same modern technology not being told the football game was delaying the start of Orville, the DVR recorded 50 minutes of football game and 10 minutes of Orville. Hooray!

Gotham starts this week, but they've moved it to Thursdays. Orville also moves to Thursday. Hopefully this will prevent any stupid games from getting in the way of my viewing pleasure.

* * *

Well, today I have some errands to run; and because I'm not taking kitten to the vet I have some home improvement work I need to accomplish.

I'm going to try painting the hallway today; at least I'm going to finish the prep work so I can paint tomorrow. Also, Mrs. Fungus wants the pendant lamps to be the same height, so I need to modify the other pendant to match the one by the door. And I need to see if I can get that pool set up to drain, too.

What a thrill!

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