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#5868: Typical

Yesterday and today the temperature was 90°. Hot and humid, perfect swimming weather, the first we've had since JULY...and it's all because the swimming pool lays flaccid, deflated, empty, and upside down on the back lawn.

Using the pump to drain it worked fine until the water level fell below the intakes for the pump. Then I had to get creative; and I found that all I had to do was to put a single intake hose into the water, keep it on the bottom with some brick, and then purge the air from the intake line. With the air out, the pump removed the remainder of the water a lot faster than I'd expected it to, and was left with perhaps an inch and a half of water.

Yesterday, then, I let the air out of the ring, and put that self-same brick on it, which gave the remaining water an exit path; then I simply peeled it up from the sod and let the water seek its own level.

I say "peeled" advisedly; that pool contained four tons of water, and the sod underneath is dead. There's decomposing grass stuck to the underside of the pool, and I'm going to sweep it once it's had a chance to dry off in the sun. What that doesn't remove, I'm sure the pressure washer can handle.

And since it's 90 plus degrees outside, it shouldn't take long to dry. *sigh*

* * *

And the media continue to torpedo their own credibility. After repeatdly saying that Trump was lying and/or delusional about Obama ordering his election campaign to be wiretapped, when a report is released saying that--gee!--Obama ordered that the Trump campaign be wiretapped CNN strangely doesn't say a word about how fucking wrong they were in previous stories and, you know, admitting that Trump was neither lying nor delusional but reporting the bare facts of the situation.

That makes Obama worse than Nixon because Nixon had a hostile press that wanted to take him down. No one outside of DC would know the name "Watergate" if that scandal had been attached to any Democrat administration, and the press' insistence on adding "-gate" to scandals would not exist.

Actually, no, belay that. Not "any" Democrat, but nearly any Democrat. Nixon was the guy who put Alger Hiss, a communist spy, away. If there'd been a Democrat with Nixon's anti-communist street cred and who'd done something like that, the press would have been out to get him, the way they wanted to get Nixon. But absent the anti-communism (which has rarely been a feature of Democrat politicians anyway; notice please that a lot of the successful communist spies were high rankers in Democrat administrations) a Democrat Richard Nixon would not have been investigated by the press. Deep Throat would have whispered in vain and Nixon's second term would have ended quietly on January 20, 1977.

Had he been a Democrat. Like Obama.

Just as the Clinton administration did, the Obama administration has used the supposed apolitical organs of the federal government as political tools, to strike at enemies and to suppress criticism. Obama ordering the wiretapping of a political campaign should crank the FBI into high gear and prompt arrests and trials and prison for a lot of people.

As that latter link points out, "The left is sitting on the biggest crime committed by a sitting president. The only way to cover it up is to destroy his Republican successor."

* * *

First time in a long time that I've A) seen a Peanuts strip I never saw before, and B) laughed out loud at it.


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