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#586: Waiting....

Potemayo 12 was posted today. Lovely Complex 22, too. And Sky Girls 11. I only found out about an hour ago, and so it's going to be a while, damn it.

Of the three, Potemayo is the furthest along, at 62%. Argh.

That'll be the last ep of Potemayo, unfortunately. Until and unless they decide to do a second season.

I'm betting that Sky Girls will end up being 26 episodes. At ep 10 the story is only just getting started; it took until then for the girls to meet their first real enemy in combat; the fourth Sky Girl is introduced in ep 11, as I recall from the omatase.

In the meantime there's a ton of anime I could be watching, but I picked up I"s volumes 13 and 14 yesterday, along with Suzuka 3, Ichigo Mashimaro 2 and 3, and Ultra Maniac 1.

...and now I learn that there is Ultra Maniac anime, after it has been licensed. Argh.

Anyway, I've read everything but I"s 14, and of course I haven't read I"s 15 yet, either, which I bought on my last foray into the bookstore. And as of volume 14, they've set up the story to go pretty much the same way it went in the anime.

At least in the manga it's set up better. I think the anime suffered because they had to cut too much.

I didn't pick up more Someday's Dreamer only because I didn't think of it. I made a quick in-out dash and didn't browse much so I could avoid doing lethal damage to my checking account, but it was a near thing. I did pause to think, "What else?" And then I took a tally of what was in my hands and said, "This is more than enough, dude," and resumed my trip to the cash register.

The Ichigo Mashimaro continues to be about the same as the anime. I'm starting to think that Nobue is a closet pedo-lesbian, though; she kissed Miu, glomped Anna at first sight ("She's mine!"), checked out Matsuri's panties, and did some other things which make me wonder about her, just a bit.... Still, it's fun to read.

Ultra Maniac is not really all that surprising, in the sense that I expected it to be entertaining and fun, since Wataru Yoshizumi is a veteran manga artist with several major series behind her (including Marmalade Boy, arguably her most famous and successful). She draws like I do I would like to; in fact, the first time I saw any of her work I thought, "Whoa, that looks like I could have drawn it!" My style aspires--completely independently of my own volition--to be like hers. (Which is really surprising, considering that my chief influence is Rumiko Takahashi.)

Ultra Maniac isn't primarily a love story, not like Marmalade Boy was, which helps; it's a fantasy about a girl who is a witch named Mimi, from the magic world, who has come to Earth for a variety of reasons. And the main character, Ayu Tataeshi, ends up having to deal with the fallout of all her magical "help". (At the end of the first volume, poor Ayu Tataeshi has been a boy twice and has had several other disastrous dweomers applied to her.) The only annoying thing is Mimi's incessant tendency to refer to herself in the third person. That gets old fast.

But it's a keeper, regardless, and I'll be getting more of it.

Suzuka continues to be interesting. It's unfortunate that Del Ray charges $14 per volume; everyone else seems to charge around $8-10, and Suzuka isn't all that much better than anything else I've been reading. In fact, "better" doesn't apply; it's "about as good".

But $13 won't break the bank, either. Certainly it's a better price than the $15+ Viz used to charge for its tankoban. Even so, $10 is still about twice what the Japanese pay for their manga, in tankoban format, and even the high end of the scale for Japanese tankoban is only about ¥700 or so.

Ultra Maniac will end up taking the place of I"s as my long-term series, I think, though I don't know how long the series is. Marmalade Boy only ran to seven volumes. I guess we'll see.

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