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#5870: While I'm waiting for the spackle to dry....

Today, like yesterday, it is hotter outside than it was during the entire month of August.


I am painting the family room today. Yesterday I prepped the west and south walls, and would have finished with the east wall if Mrs. Fungus hadn't wanted to go out to dinner. So I did the prep for that wall today, and because of how the old curtain rods were mounted, I had to spackle the shit out of the wall.

Okay: 1970s curtains, pretty heavy material with vinyl backing to reflect sunlight. "Energy crisis" curtains. They needed a pretty robust curtain rod.

They were secured to the wall with three mollyscrews on each end.

You can't remove a mollyscrew by pulling it out of the wall, not unless you want to wreck the drywall. I had to drill them so I could knock the plates off and drive the remainder into the wall. This left me with some sizable divots (and 1/4" holes through the drywall) so I needed to use reinforcing tape when I spackled the holes. All this will take time to dry.

But the old curtains are now gone, as are their curtain rods. We've got new curtains and rods to put up which will match the new color a hell of a lot better than the old brown curtains would have, and it will all look a hell of a lot better, to boot.

Painting begins approximately ten minutes after I finish this post. I'm going to finish masking, then paint the south wall, then the west; and after all that then I will sand down the spackle on the east wall and paint it, because if it's not dry by then, there's something wrong.

Wait a couple hours for paint to dry, then put up curtains.

So, on to today's post.

* * *

Fuckin' John McCain. Even though his election loss saddled us with Jugears, I'm glad he was never President.

* * *

Look up "Osborne Effect" on Googe if you don't understand why this is. The iPhone 8 is coming out now, but the iPhone X is coming out in November--and that is what people are going to line up for.

* * *

"What were you saying about 'Black Lives Matter' again?"


* * *

How's that "sanctuary city" stuff working out for you? Hosing the sidewalks down with bleach to contain an Hepatitis A outbreak, because homeless people crap wherever they happen to be, is just the beginning!

There are reasons why vagrancy used to be a crime.

* * *

Don't read this if you are easily nauseated. It's a description of the gay lifestyle, particularly the effects of routine anal sex. Not for the faint of heart.

* * *

Well, that spackle ought to be pretty well dry by now.

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