atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5874: Today, puttering

Today I'm not going to work on any one thing, but do a bunch of little tasks, things which need doing and which have not been done recently because of the big project.

Our kitchen counter, for example, is a morasse of stuff--home renovation, old mail, gewgaws and trinkets--all of which needs to be somewhere else. Our dining room is the same way. I want to get them cleaner than they are now.

Mrs. Fungus has decided on an end table; I get to implement that and assemble the lamp and put it on. Also, get rid of the chairs by the counter and bring back the subwoofer. And--

Clean, clean, clean.

This is likely to be this week's project, in fact: bringing some order to the chaos in the house now that the worst of the public areas of the interior have been painted. (I still have the dining room and living room to do. They are in considerably better shape, but we'll get there, once the junk is gone.)

Either today or tomorrow I'm going to Menards to get new registers for the family room. The one that mounts in the floor is okay, but the other one is battered and old, and needs replacing. The origial air return grill for the furnace is also in the family room, and it's vintage 1965. Besides wanting it to match the other register, I need one I can close, because in summertime cold air comes out of the registers and goes right into that frigging return instead of flowing through the rest of the house. This is why I have to run fans to blow cool air from the family room down the hall and into the bedroom, in fact; the HVAC system was not designed for central air conditioning and the modifications to accomodate it did not take basic airflow into account.

Interesting thing: my old bedroom used to be the warmest room in the house in summer. Right now we have the door closed because it's full of boxes and stuff and we don't want the kitten in there; and when I go in there for something, it's nice and cool even though it hit 94° yesterday and the door's been closed the entire time. Argh etc. Then again, when that was my room, I basically lived in there, and had computer, stereo, TV--all manner of electronics--and that stuff all makes heat. There are no heat sources in there, so of course it's nice and cool.

If I can close off the old cold air return in summertime that might help matters...and might not. It'd be nice to lay off using the fans, or at least not have to use them at full blast all the time.

* * *

Last night I played around with the Raspberry Pi a bit. First, I confirmed that it is indeed a Pi 3, meaning it's got a quad-core CPU running at 1.3 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. So it's got about 2x the CPU of El-Hazard and 0.5x the memory.

Tried to get a look at some videos on YouTube but it hung up while loading the video list I wanted to see. I was probably waiting for virtual memory, but I got impatient and closed it. I can't seem to get any sound out of it; that's likely because the monitor I'm using has no sound. Video is output through HDMI which includes audio; I have a pair of speakers plugged into the headphone jack, though, which ought to take precedence. It doesn't seem to. Pandora just hung, too, so I wasn't able to test it that way.

It's possible I've missed something.

Tinkered around a bit with the thing, not making much headway, for perhaps an hour, then gave up. Not only is the hardware new to me, but the OS is some variant of Linux with a graphic user interface overlaid atop it, and the menus It's going to take some serious digging before I can really make this thing do anything useful, and I'm too busy with my various projects to put that kind of time into it. But I'm getting there.

* * *

Of course, it continues to be hotter than it was during the entire month of August. THe pool is just about totally dry, top and bottom, inside and out, so one of my little projects for today is to fold it up and put it away.


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