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#5879: That was a long ass-day

DirecTV is letting people request refunds for NFL subscriptions. That's good. It sounds as if DirecTV understands better than the NFL does what appeals to the core demographic of NFL viewers.

An anonymous shareholder in the Green Bay Packers is livid over the "take a knee" nonsense. "People will run to college football over the NFL in droves if these protests continue," he said.

But of course the NFL leadership doesn't understand that people can choose not to watch football.

But people feel quite strongly about spoiled rich athletes protesting the country that let them play a kid's game for six figures.

* * *

This kind of headline is why you got Trump, Arse Technica. Leftists hate the way Trump uses Twitter because the gatekeepers in the media are unable to filter those tweets. If Trump were talking to the press, they could obfuscate and twist and spin--but when Trump says something on Twitter there's no way for the press to do anything about it. What he says is right there for everyone to see, in his own words. Of course the left wants Trump's Twitter account banned!

What really gets their goat is that it's effective. The left really doesn't like it when a right-winger is better at using social media than they are.

* * *

California wants to shove most of its new car sales into surrounding states. They're looking at banning sales of new "combustion engine" cars by 2030. And, pray tell, where is the electricty to charge those electric cars going to come from? You could cover the whole state and its shoals with windmills and it wouldn't be enough.

* * *

Four Avatar sequels. No. Just no. Never saw the original--never cared to--and I don't care to see the sequels, either.

* * *

Today was hellish and I'm glad it's over. But I have lots of work to do this week. Need to get to bed fairly soon.

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