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#5880: Causing more harm than good

"Evaporation engines"? By extracting energy from evaporating water, on a large enough scale to be practical, you will alter local weather patterns significantly. As in "major droughts downwind".

Someday, people will look back on this period of history and shake their heads in disbelief that we had nuclear power and didn't use it. "Why did they wreck the ecology of the great plains with windmills and evaporation farms when they had nuclear power, Dad?" "Because they were saddled with asshats, son. Too many asshats."


* * *

NFL's SJW nonsense will leak over to sponsors, mark my words. I think that's a pretty good idea--not just boycotting the NFL but the products with NFL logos on them.
At the time this particular Cosmodemonic Globalist Beverage Behemoth paid big bucks to the NFL, the NFL logo was supposed to signal manliness, winning, sports as a pure pastime, and good solid American values. The NFL logo was, at great expense, meant to communicate to the American consumer that the product it was on respected the solid American values.
...and without really thinking about it, he went on to purchase products without NFL branding.

I had a similar notion myself, though it didn't quite get as far as conscious action. Mrs. Fungus wanted some diet Dr. Pepper, so I bought half a case, but there was something that bothered me about the Chicago Bears logo on the box. It wasn't until I read this post that I realized what it was. But thinking about it, I find it interesting that I had some revulsion to buying a product with an NFL logo on it, something which I previously never cared about. Most interesting to me is how it was nearly subconscious.

It's not going to happen in every case, but people are going to vote with their dollars, and I think that NFL sponsors are going to start noticing it sooner or later. Like Anheuser-Busch. Yeah.

* * *

Today I have lots of chores to attend to. At least it cooled off outside, so I'm able to shut the fans and the AC off and open the doors and windows. It's quiet for the first time in days.

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