atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5881: I'd drop it in a heartbeat

Cable companies are making noises about dropping ESPN from basic cable. Here's what happens: ESPN becomes a premium service, meaning you need to specifically order it and pay for it...and ESPN's subscriber numbers tank. Viewership plummets and the rates they can charge advertisers go with it.

Especially given the fact that their original name was Entertainment and Sports Programming Network but lately they've become the Egregiously Socialist Political Network, which has led people to stop watching ESPN for the same reason they don't like NFL athletes not standing for the national anthem.

So Disney--which owns ESPN--has now begun to take a personal interest in the channel's marketing, and is going to "reorganize" the executive who oversee the production of content. Usually that is bland corp-speak for "we're going to fire the asshole who did this."

* * *

Meanwhile, I saw something about the NFL taking money from Department of Defense in 2009 to start having players come out and stand for the national anthem. So when the players don't come out, or when they refuse to stand, does the DoD have a say in that? Since they're sponsoring the NFL?

* * *

The day has gone well so far. I've gotten several little tasks done. Now a bigger one: washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Such a stimulating life I lead.

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