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#5886: Here's the thing

Guy shoots up a concert in Las Vegas with a fully automatic weapon. Almost 60 people dead, hundreds wounded.

Biggest question: "Where the hell did he get automatic weapons?" This question was asked by the shooter's brother, who further said the guy was not an avid gun guy, which you pretty much have to be in order to get a legal automatic weapon.

BATFE-EIEIO regulates the shit out of machine guns. You can own one, but it costs a lot of money and time to get the permit to own the thing; and once you have it, you need to shell out a hell of a lot more money to buy the thing, because their manufacture hasn't been legal in the US since the late 1980s and they are scarce. And you have to have all your ducks in a row, because if there is the slightest irregularity in your paperwork, BATFE will pull your permits and take your very expensive hardware away from you, and quite possibly put you in jail to boot.

Based on that? Odds are the gun was illegal, one way or another; either it was stolen, or it was a semiauto gun, illegally modified. Either way, against the existing law.

ISIS has claimed that the shooter was inspired by them. A branch of antifa has said, "One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay." A CBS vice-president was fired after she said, "I'm actually not even sympathetic bc country fans often are Republican gun toters."

It's been about 24 hours and still there are more questions than answers.

Predictably, the Democrats are already spinning this as a reason for gun control.

* * *

Media is hammering the Puerto Rico disaster in an attempt to get Trump. Problem: Trump's response to the problem was pretty hefty and robust, but since that doesn't fit the narrative, the fake news isn't reporting it. They'd much rather run, endlessly, the video of the female major of San Juan--standing in front of pallets of relief supplies!--lying about the federal government's response.

Just as in any African third-world military junta, aid is not being distributed to the people who need it. That self-same mayor herself, alleges this PR policewoman, is " not allowing anyone to distribute the aid".

Because if the aid is distributed, it means the Democrats lose an issue with which to club Trump.

* * *

Three guesses as to the racial mix of the mob of teenagers that beat up a family at Six Flags in Gurnee. Just look up "Gregory Battle" on Googe. Nine teenagers aged 15-18 versus a man, a woman, and a 12-year-old boy.


* * *

Today was a clusterfuck of a day.

Mrs. Fungus--her knee swelling from an injury incurred while we were in Wisconsin--stayed home from work, and I took her to an urgent care facility.

I selected it based on two criteria: it was open at the time we were going, and it got really good reviews. Well, the reviews must've been fake, because it was slow and inefficient and the knee brace they gave her fell off while she was walking to the parking lot. It took hours for that. They gave her some steroids to help with the swelling, anyway.

Next up: Mrs. Fungus saw a Cheesecake Factory and wanted to eat there, so we went. They gave us one of those stupid little booths which are made for ectomorphs. When I visited the bathroom, they'd clearly removed the paper towel dispensers and waste baskets in favor of those stupid Dyson hand dryers--by putting the dryers in the niches that the dispensers formerly occupied, thus forcing you to scrunch your hands together so you can get them both into the dryer at the same time.

The food was, at best, mediocre. The appetizer we'd had was abysmal. I had "bang bang chicken and shrimp" as my entree, which was...okay. It was supposed to be Thai. But when I tasted from one part of the dish it was hot, and another part I tasted only peanut butter, and a third part only cilantro. The damned flavors weren't mixed at all, and as a further insult there were more peas in the dish than there was meat...and the entree cost $20. With no sides or anything. I don't mind there being more chicken than shrimp, but I do mind paying $20 for a 2 cups of rice with 3/4 cup of meat and 1 cup of peas. Service was slow, too; Mrs. Fungus asked for some more time to make her selection and we waited at least fifteen minutes before we saw our waiter again.

That carried over to our attempt, after paying our bill, to get some cheesecake to take home. We stood at the counter for almost ten minutes--behind someone else who had not yet been waited on--while the only attendant there chatted on the phone. Finally I said, "You know what? We're going to the store after this; let's just get dessert there."

"Okay," Mrs. Fungus said, and we left.

So, yeah--not going there again.

Store, then home, finally, a mere six hours after we left. Shit.

* * *

Watched the first ep of The Gifted, which is a new show set in the Marvel X-Men universe, in the time after mutants are outlawed. We're trying it because Mrs. Fungus likes X-men, and because the guy who played Bill in True Blood is in it.

There's a song I only heard once. Not sure of the words or anything, but it was about a man named Bill; it's sung by a woman and each verse (or every other verse) ends with the name "Bill". I tried finding it but my goolag-fu ain't up to snuff this evening. Argh etc.

* * *

...and to make things worse, I kept thinking it was Tuesday when it was, in fact, Monday. Now it's 2 AM on Tuesday morning as I type this. What a fiasco Monday was. *sigh*

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