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#5887: That's one answered but there are plenty more.

"Bump-stock" automatic fire. The shooter in Las Vegas didn't have fully automatic weapons.

Bump-stock is pretty simple; it uses the gun's own recoil to rattle the gun back and forth on the trigger finger, thus allowing the trigger to be pressed approximately as fast as the gun's action can cycle. This explains why the rate of fire was uneven. The shooter was also using several different guns. You can do the bump-stock thing with a piece of string.

"Police have yet to determine whether Paddock purchased the bump stocks legally or not."

I'd wager "not", because the BATFE-EIOTIBURGER has previously come down on people who tied strings to their guns for "manufacturing machine guns".

It plays hell with accuracy, but when your field of fire is 400 yards wide, and it's literally packed with targets, it's not very difficult to cause casualties even with "spray and pray". Getting your rounds sent in the general direction of the center of the field of fire will do it, more or less.

So: shooter bought all of his guns legally. He passed the required background checks and the correct paperwork was filed. Until he opened fire, he hadn't broken any laws. The additional gun-control laws which the Democrats started talking up before the bodies had even cooled wouldn't have prevented this.

* * *

Instead of using the relief supplies as a backdrop for your photo-op, why don't you let people distribute them?
Interestingly, Mayor Cruz, while speaking to Mr. Cooper, perhaps auditioning for a gig on CNN or MSNBC, was wearing a t-shirt with "Help us we are dying" written on the front.

The 2017 version of "Hands up don’t shoot". Amazing that an island with no food, water, electricity or other basic services has a t-shirt shop up and running, printing a shirt for the mayor to wear while being interviewed on CNN. Unless Mr. Cooper brought her the t-shirt to wear specifically for the interview, which would be a new low in media propagandizing.
...and which wouldn't be even remotely surprising, either.

Well, hell--we have to get Trump, and if it means denying aid to a few thousand proles, what's the harm? I mean, it's not like the citizens of San Juan are anybody important, right?

...just as with New Orleans and Katrina, the disaster has emphasized the corruption of the local government, and they're doing everything they can to pin it on Trump.

* * *

Epilogue to the rotten meal at Cheesecake Factory: this morning I had gut malf because of their food. Not recommended.

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