atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5888: The day's progress

Tore apart the entertainment system and put most of the parts in the computer room. It'll stay that way until I get the partition wall completed. So we have TV, cable box, sound bar, and BluRay player, and that's it.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a cable antenna plate to put in the wall so I don't just have a coax cable coming out of a hole. I have no idea why Comcast didn't put a plate in there, but that's okay; I'll take care of it.

Today's job was to first peel off the tape on the corners, then fit the corner bead I bought a couple weeks ago. I found that I had to cut away some carpeting and rip up the tack strip holding it in place so that I could move the baseboard enough to get the corner bead in. That's okay; the carpeting will be replaced eventually anyway.

I am learning how to cut drywall. Which is to say, using a razor knife to cut halfway through one side, then breaking it and cutting the paper on the other side--the way you're supposed to--but I mean that I'm getting better at doing it.

Replaced a 4.5x11 inch section of drywall on the west side of the partition--where it had been water damaged--and a 4.5x4 inch section near the floor on the east side, where it had apparently gotten kicked before the woodwork went on. Then I cut a 4.5x40 inch piece of drywall to put over the top of the wall, where the planter had once been; and after all that was in place, I made with the corner bead. All the edges but for the kitchen side on the east have been done. I need to see if I can remove the counter from the cabinet there; if I can do that--I'm hoping it's bolted down--then I can yank out the tape from that corner and put corner bead there, too. The counter comes too close to the corner for me to fit the bead otherwise.

Once that's done? Mud! Lots of it, everywhere I did stuff. Give it a day to dry, and then do the second coat, and then let that dry, and sand the hell out of it. With a little bit of luck I should be able to paint Friday or Saturday; that'll finish the family room. Then I'll do the kitchen next, and that'll finish the public areas of the house that we're doing right now.

We're lookin' pretty good, here.

After that, on to the computer room, which will be a big job because of all the stuff I have to move out. Also, it's the worst room for smoke contamination in the house, and I've got a fiver which says this room's going to need two full coats of paint.

Lot of work left to do.

* * *

I've been watching The Pacific and have been enjoying it. Mostly it seems to concentrate on the Marine Corps' slog through the Solomons. I've seen through ep 5, which means I'm halfway; Mrs. Fungus has gotten interested in it now and wants to see it, so I'll start over.

And I'd still like to re-watch Band of Brothers, in order instead of the haphazard way I've seen it.

Some of the visuals are spectacular. One scene showed a fleet of ships at anchor near some island (Guadalcanal?) with a flight of fighters roaring past overhead. Perfect demonstration of the romance of WW2, right there...of course ep 5 features an amphibious assault with the carnage shown in the loving detail we've come to expect from modern war movies; that kind of takes the romance out of the thing. Which is fine with me.

Terrifying: combat in the jungle, at night, in the rain, in a world without light-amp goggles. No thank you.

Haven't seen Dunkirk yet, but I will, I will.

* * *

No sign of a job yet, but it's October now; hopefully the pattern will hold and I'll get a job this month, the way it's worked the last few times I was unemployed.

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