atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5889: Egad, that's a good point

In a post in which he recounts all the ways the shooting in Las Vegas could have been worse, Karl Denninger points out that the shooter was a private pilot. He killed about sixty people by shooting at them; but as a private pilot he could have loaded one of his two airplanes with explosives and then deliberately crashed into the concert, and the body count would have been in the hundreds.

To make things even more entertaining, evidence is surfacing that the shooter had links to antifa and islamic terrorism.

* * *

It kind of sounds as if the media effort to "turn Maria into Trump's Katrina" is failing. For one thing, it seems as if people are learning better than to trust, uncritically, what the mainstream media is reporting.

* * *

Warm and sticky outside today. Bleah.

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