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#5890: Dang it

I never lived in any of those states. But during the affected period I bought at least three DVD combo drives.

* * *


And this, specifically the dumbass tweet which makes the opposite point the tweet-er intended. HELL YES I support that.

Also, saw a thing on Faceboog which mentioned that the FBI managed--in sixty minutes--to rule out the shooter in the Las Vegas having any ties to ISIS, but is still investigating Trump's ties to Russia after nine months.

* * *

San Juan mayor complaining about Trump never bothered to show up for FEMA meetings. Meanwhile, containers of supplies are piling up at the sea port but the Teamsters are on strike, which is why aid isn't moving to where it's needed.
So with USAF planes landing supplies, navy ships in the waters offshore, and tons of relief cargo being unloaded at the Port of San Juan, how are they handling things?

Well, the D- student of the pledge class, the PR National Guard, currently boasts that around 50% of guard members called up for service during the emergency have actually shown up. FTR, those are criminal counts of AWOL, chargeable under the UCMJ, and probably under federal and territorial law as well. And these are the honormen of the class.

Posting a 20% score, for a solid F, are truck drivers. The Teamsters there are on strike, and refusing to deliver supplies, or even show up to transport them, until they extort a favorable contract out of TPTB. That little stunt should be the reason that the president declares martial law, nationalizes the drivers, and tells them failure to muster for driving duty will be a federal felony, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All of which is both legal under federal law, and proper under the circumstances.

But the star pupil? Posting a 0% attendance rating?

Oh, that would be Heronner, above, Miss Chiquita Banana Republic postergirl herself, Carmen Yellin' Yulin Cruz, bitchmeister meisterburgher of the quaint little hellhole fiefdom of San Juan, PR. She's been invited to multiple FEMA meetings, but apparently due to her endless commitments for TV spots to decry the overwhelming federal response to the disaster, she's been unable to attend every planning meeting she's been invited to at FEMA HQ.
But sure, the disaster in Puerto Rico is Trump's fault, right?

* * *

This morning it was warm and humid. The next time I checked the outside air it was cool. Okay, no problem, just open the doors and shut off the AC. Why not?

It's cloudy and cool and kind of meh outside, which nicely matches my mood.

Looking over the wall, I realized that I didn't do the corners correctly, so I'll be redoing the west end of the wall so the beads all meet. That'll take a "few minutes" to correct.

The thing that gets me is, if I knew that, why didn't I do it? Why do I have to wait and come back to it later to figure out that I did it wrong? *sigh*

Plus side, it's maybe $2 worth of corner bead. And the fact that the power screwdrier ran out of power--letting me do only a few screws--worked in my favor, because it's fewer screws to remove.

Right now, though, I'm not getting a lot of home improvement done; I've spent the past several hours doing business at the computer--job hunting stuff, mainly, working on my resume and setting up an interview for next week. I really hope that one pans out, as it's very, very close to home--close enough that riding the motorcycle could be a daily thing. Heck, if I got into some kind of shape, it's close enough that I could ride a bicycle to work if I wanted to. Pay range starts a bit lower than at the shithole, but without that long commute, the savings in gas and tolls (and my time) would more than make up for that. In practical terms, that amounts to a $90 a week raise simply because I'm not having to spend that money on getting to work every day. ($12.50 in gas at $2.50 a gallon, plus $5 a day in tolls--it adds up.)

Here's hoping. I mean, it's call center work, but it's a paycheck.

* * *

Well, it's been at least a couple of weeks since I talked to those "recovery specialists" about the debt I supposedly owed them. I haven't received anything in the mail from them. They haven't called me back. I'm going to file that one under "SCAM" and forget about it.

I thought so. Bitches.

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