atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#588: Anime roundup

Today I watched:

  • Dai Mahou Touge 1-2
  • Happy Lesson Advance 1
  • Sky Girls 11
  • Lucky Star 22
  • Potemayo 12 (end)
  • Lovely Complex 22

I gave Dai Mahou Touge a try because of Steven Den Beste's comments on it. And you know what, it's directed by the same guy responsible for Dokuro-chan, but this seems--at least so far--a lot more tolerable. It's funny, too.

Happy Lesson Advance is a continuation of the original series. (Yay! More Fumitsuki!) We'll see if it's any good; hopefully there won't be any more stupid "resets" like the last episode of the first series. Blech.

And the last ep of Potemayo. But it's pretty obvious that there will be a second series of that. I don't know how there can't be. Heh.

Lovely Complex--there are something like 3 episodes left of LC. But they have a history of clearing up love triangles very quickly, so I'm not too worried about how the current situation will be resolved.

One of the current downloads is the Handsome Girl OVA, which is one of the titles by Wataru Yoshizumi. I'm looking forward to seeing that.


I finished volume 15 of I"s yesterday night. It ends exactly the same way the anime did. But you know, the ending is a lot more satisfying in the manga than it was in the anime; as I said before, it's because they had to cut so much in order to get it all to fit.

The major disappointment was the complete lack of fan service in the last couple volumes. That's what made me think the last anime episode was made up by the animators; it didn't look like Katsura's work. But it was, alas. Even though it was better in the manga, the ending still was not as good as I'd hoped it would be.

Iori and Ichitaka never got it on. We should have been given that much. Rumiko Takahashi knew that was the case for Maison Ikkoku; even though Maison was not a fan service vehicle, she knew that there is only one way to end a love story that will satisfy the readers. It was enough for us to see that Godai and Kyoko were naked and in bed together, and that they'd spent the night that way; they certainly were not playing cribbage in the meantime.

I"s let us see Iori and Ichitaka almost do it several times, but it never actually happened. Without that essential scene--as obvious as the end of the story is!--there isn't a sense of completion and the reader feels as if he's been left hanging. (At least, I did.) There is a benefit to leaving the readers wanting more, but there's a difference between that and short-changing them.

And that's how it is.

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