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#589: Boortz is on fire today!

No, not literally. For crying out loud....

Update: Links don't work. Here is the link to the entire page that the following are sub-topics of.

Here he discusses the shortcomings of how Colombia University selects guest speakers. They say they'd invite Hitler, if he were alive. Boortz points out that they dis-invited the guy who founded the Minutemen (the ones who patrol the US-Mexico border, I mean) and refuse to allow ROTC there.

Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, who was involved in the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, is a perfectly acceptable speaker at Colombia University, and Hitler would be, too, if he were still alive...but members of the US military and people who believe in secure borders are persona non grata.

Sure, that makes perfect sense...if you're a campus liberal.

This story points out that Barak "Osama-Obama" Hussein Obama wants to tax the shit out of everyone to "fix" the national Ponzi scheme that is Social Security. He observes, and quotes another observation, to the effect that this would make it obvious to all and sundry that SSI is an income-redistribution scheme, not a retirement plan.

One can only hope.

New York State has become a sanctuary state, now that it plans to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens. You don't need proof of citizenship any more! Dang. I think I'll go get me a New York State driver's license, too. That way, if I get pulled over for speeding while driving through the state's interminable miles of 55 MPH highway, I can just give the cop my New York State license and forget about it. Hey, it's a "Get Out of Jail Free" card!

But no, it doesn't work that way. You probably can only get a license that way if you're obviously hispanic and don't speak English. That's racial profiling! But it's okay because it's not anti-hispanic racial profiling, right?

This one is the most interesting one. The Florida Democrat Party is not budging; it's going to hold its primary on January 29th. The Democrat National Party is saying it's going to disallow Florida's 210 delegates if they do that.

What was that, Boortz asks, in 2000, about how the GOP was denying voters their right to vote? And I think he's right to ask that. I could have sworn that the Democrat Party constantly accused us GOP-ers of trying to disenfranchise the voters of Florida. They can't and won't shut up about the 2000 election being "stolen" despite the fact that Al Gore would have won if he'd only carried his home freaking state; now the Democrats are planning to deny Floridans their right to participate in the electoral process!

* * *

The man's on fire today. Go get 'em!

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