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#5892: What I want

Today I had more job-hunting related stuff to do. I'm in the process of negotiating an interview at a place up near where Mrs. Fungus works. Mrs. Fungus' boss is a personal friend of the hiring manager there, so I have an "in", at least. And if they elect not to hire me, we'll know why.

Besides that, scanned the listings again and tossed out another couple of resumes. Not a huge day for apps today but even two are fine if one of 'em gets me a job, and considering how many apps I've submitted since mid-September I'm not especially worried about it.

That completed, I wrote the prior post and hit the shower. Took the bike out to run my errands since it's a gorgeous October day. It runs like a Swiss watch but the clutch is still wonky.

I found, at Menards, the exact cover plate I wanted: a fitting for coax and a CAT5 RJ-45 socket. The only problem is, it needs a box; I tried to find the kind of cover plate that goes over a hole in drywall but then had an epiphany.

I'm mudding this wall anyway. Why not patch the hole and put a proper box in the wall next to a stud, like I knew what I was doing? So I went to the aisle where they have that stuff; I figured a plastic box is okay since neither cable nor ethernet carries much current, picked one up to check the size against the plate, and then tried to figure out what kind of box I needed. Turned out the one in my hand has these ears on it; you stick it through the hole in the drywall, then flip up the ears and tighten the screws. Presto: instantly clamped to the drywall!

So I took that box and the faceplate I needed, got the masking tape and a small jug of Goof Off to help with removing paint from places I mistakenly put it. Forgot to get a small mud trough, but I don't really need that, anyway.

So now I'll be able to run an Ethernet cable to the entertainment center, meaning that things that want a wired network connection can have it. Probably I'll want to run a switch there since the TV, the cable box, the PS4, and the BluRay player all have Ethernet connectors. And it'll be a nice-looking installation, instead of just having cables come out of a hole in the drywall.


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