atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5895: Kitchen painted

It took all day, but it's done. I used up an entire roll of masking tape to mask it. Now I just need to get Mrs. Fungus' approval on the paint, and then I'll put the appliances back where they belong and so forth.

And then it's on to the computer room.

Next week I have two interviews scheduled--one Monday, one Wednesday--and I have a feeling it's going to be up to me which job I end up working at.

I'm of two minds on that point. One of them is so close to home I could just about walk there if I gave myself enough time. I'd bet it's Monday through Saturday, meaning reps would have Sunday and one other day off. The other job is up in Warrenville, but its base wage is higher--enough to cover the "commute tax"--and no weekends, meaning both Saturday and Sunday off.

Well, we'll just have to see how things go. I do have to point out that the instant I stopped applying solely for technical jobs, and went for straight customer service positions, this happened. Hence, this.

* * *

The thing is, the recreational dose of LSD--the one that makes you hallucinate--is actually an overdose. If you take a correct dose of LSD, it merely makes you more imaginitive and creative. (I seem to recall that the person who invented dynamic RAM did it while under the influence of a "microdose" of LSD.)

Turns out to be fairly useful stuff, LSD, but of course because some people use it recreationally it must be banned.

* * *

It makes me sick that Tesla is making all kinds of cars and Elio has foundered. One is super-sexy and expensive electric car, oh-so-good for the environment; the other is simple and inexpensive, and uses no new technology to realize a drastic savings in fuel use.

* * *

As for the computer room, I expect I can get it cleaned out and masked and prepped for paint in the three days that I have no scheduled activities next week. We'll have to see how we do, but I don't think that'll be too difficult.

But first I need to finish the partition wall. Maybe mud that Monday afternoon, if I'm not completely exhausted.

Could be worse, right?

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