atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5896: Finally, a day of nothing

I watched the remainder of The Pacific and took a nap. I didn't mask, paint, or clean anything. I didn't even cook. I couldn't cut the grass because it rained all day. I did not have to go anywhere or do anything. No reading, no writing; in fact I didn't even sit down at the computer all day, not until about 10:30 PM.

Suits me fine.

Sunday I will have to do car maintenance. Mrs. Fungus' car needs an oil change; and the Jeep still needs the oil change I've been putting off since the last time I changed the oil in her car. Yeesh.

Other thing I ought to do is track down why the right turn signal in the Jeep sometimes runs fast and sometimes run slow. I'll be making a right turn and the regular tick-tick-tick will turn into tickticktick and back, at random, for no apparent reason. I'd suspect the flasher if both directions did it, but they don't; left never varies. Probably have a loose bulb or something.

* * *

Watching The Pacific you really get a feel for what it must've been like to come home after a long time away at war, and how difficult it could be to readjust to civilian life. Good series, very worth watching.

Think I'll try watching Band of Brothers next, in order. I've caught this or that episode before; there were several times when it was run as a marathon on other channels, and one of those times I started watching it partway through one episode and saw several of them in a row. But not the beginning or end, and it was long enough ago that I barely remember any of it now.

* * *

Day started out a bit too warm, but when the rain started in the afternoon it got much cooler. I was comfortable the entire time, though Mrs. Fungus complained that she'd woken up sweating. Ended up seeing quite a nice rainbow as the sun was setting, too--a full, bright arc with bits of secondary arc. Nice.

* * *

Two interviews next week, one Monday and one Wednesday. And work on the partition wall around all that. Thrillsville.

* * *

So, do you know that thin film of tarry grease you get on kitchen surfaces when you fry things? If you don't wipe down every surface near the stove after frying (esp. deep frying) stuff, there'll be a thin film of oil on everything, and over time vegetable and animal oils turn to goo when left in open air.

I discovered that Goof Off is the stuff to use on that crap. The top of the refrigerator, in particular, had a nasty film of crap on it, because I never thought to wipe it down. Goof Off cut right through it instantly. Then I was able to use a solution of generic PineSol to get it the rest of the way clean. I washed the entire outside of the refrigerator and it looks almost new, now.

I know what did it: the deep fryer I had in service from mid-2012 onward. Pretty sure that's why.

Anyway, hung the new clock and curtains, and got rid of a bunch of junk; the kitchen looks like a million bucks. I'll re-hang the copper jello molds and so forth, and then it'll be back to normal, but the new color has brightened it up and it looks fresh and clean again. It's only been nine years since the kitchen was last painted, too.

* * *

Very nice to have a "nothing" day. I don't know the last time I had one.

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