atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5898: Why am I always tired after an interview??

Well, I know why, this time: 10 AM appointment an hour's drive from the bunker meant getting up at 8 AM on the bounce, and I did not sleep well last night. Despite being yawning tired at 11:30 I didn't fall asleep until well after 2 AM because of nerves. Mrs. Fungus pinned me down and forced me to role-play an interview with her, and some of my fuck-ups left me rattled.

Did fine at the actual interview, though--couldn't have done better--and the guy didn't even ask me any of the questions Mrs. Fungus asked that goofed me up.

Bunker's out of Pepsi, so I was going to stop somewhere and grab a sixer; decided to stop at a Target in Will County and it turned out they had 6-packs at $2.50 each, so I grabbed two. That will feed my one vice a couple days longer.

The job looks interesting. It's a relatively new company and it's phone-slave work, but it's about 80% outbound calling, NO SALES, and the calls average under two minutes. It's all about regulatory compliance, and if it works out I could do that job pretty handily, I think.

The interview on Wednesday, for the local job, involves--I think--setting appointments as well as some sales, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll know more afterwards, of course.

So here will be the decision: drive two hours a day but have something relatively easy and stress-free, where the only metric they care about is how many calls you've completed per day; or drive perhaps ten minutes per day and have a whole slew of metrics. Decisions. Well, I'll know more after Wednesday and can really start thinking it through, but I'd be greatly surprised if both these interviews didn't lead to job offers--because they are pure customer service and no technical knowledge is needed, and of course it's October on top of that--so I'll have to make a decision at some point.

* * *

While I'm at it, HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! Today is the day we honor the man who reminded renaissance Europe that there was another continent out there that had been discovered previously and utterly forgotten since. If it hadn't been him it would have been someone else, and that poor sap would be the one leftists revile on this day.

But if leftists revile someone, usually it's because he accomplished something worthwhile.

* * *

"The war on coal is over." Woo-hoo!

* * *

Gorgeous October day today. All too soon it's going to be cold outside.

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