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#5903: I hate you, Binky!

I think that just about says it all.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched the second ep of The Gifted on Tue night, and after it was over she deleted it from our DVR's record list.

The SJW is strong with that one. Too strong. Even half as strong would have been too much. We were hoping for a fun series about mutants doing stuff; what we got was a shitfest of "ooh, look at how oppressed mutants are, look at how racist society is, it's so terrible, oh, oh, oh...."

Meanwhile, in the space of two episodes there have been three disasters, with multiple injuries and dozes of peoples' lives in very real danger, all caused by mutant superpowers. That leads me to think that the "anti-mutant" people have a point, you know? Because the mutant outlaws in the series cause a hell of a lot of casualties and property damage entirely by accident!

The fact that the two kids and their family are now on the run from the government, and Vampire Bill has been arrested on a specious charge--that's enough to tell us how bad it is for mutants. They did not need to turn this thing into an allegory for this or that SJW screed about racism/sexism/heteroism/genderism/whateverism.

The fact that I don't even care what the characters' names are is an indictment on how interesting and entertaining the series is. The main family? Bill the Vampire, Mrs. Vampire, Prom Queen (alternately "Shield Girl"), and Nerd Boy; that's what I call them.

Ep 1 wasn't so bad about this, but ep 2 just clubbed you over the head with it over and over again, to the point that about 20 minutes in Mrs. Fungus had given up on it. I know a bit about how exposition is done; I soldiered on, hoping it would get better. Well, it didn't get any better.

The Gifted: SJW shitfest; not recommended.

* * *

Baden-Powell turns over in his grave. For now, packs will be segregated by sex--but that won't last, trust me. Some screwed-up kid who thinks he's a girl will want to be in a girl pack, and vice-versa.

The whole organization formerly known as The Boy Scouts was doomed the instant they caved on homosexual scoutmasters. This latest development shows that it's now been SJW converged and it will rapidly turn into a left-wing front organization exactly the way Girl Scouts has.

ASM826 says, "It will take a decade or more for the change to be fully implemented and then we can all assess how it worked out," but I don't think it has a decade.

* * *

Fred Reed, when he talks about how modern and sophisticated Mexico is, is talking about the elite enclaves, one of which is where he makes his home. It's becoming increasingly obvious that Mexico is turning feudal, with those elite enclaves surrounded by vast wastelands of semi-literacy and grinding poverty. It is against the Mexican serfdom that the United States must protect itself, by building the border wall and aggressively enforcing its immigration policies.

Fred doesn't seem to get that we oppose illegal immigration because it's bad for us, not because we're racist and hate hispanics. Illegal immigration depresses wages, represents a huge draw on government resources and--yes indeed!--increases both crime and lawlessness.

But like many people on that side of the immigration debate, he falsely extends our position on illegal aliens to all immigration.

* * *

Theodore Roosevelt is a personal hero of mine even though he was actually part and parcel of the progressive movement. As the article points out, his policies were closer to Woodrow Wilson than those of Taft, his successor, and Woodrow Wilson was the second-worst President in US history. (Third, Carter; fourth, Obama.)

* * *

Indians looted blankets from a hospital they attacked, which is where they got smallpox and cholera.
But the chain of events behind the one authentic case of deliberate smallpox contamination began in 1757 at the siege of Fort William Henry (in present-day upstate New York), when Indians allied with the French ignored the terms of a surrender worked out between the British and the French, broke into the garrison hospital and killed and scalped a number of patients, some of them suffering from smallpox. The blankets and clothing the Indians looted from the patients in the hospital and corpses in the cemetery, carried back to their villages, reportedly touched off a smallpox epidemic.
So, ignorant savages attacked a hospital and killed people who were sick with smallpox, and took their blankets and clothing, and got smallpox from it. This is therefore not the white man's fault.

Oh well. The facts won't matter to the left, anyway.

* * *


You see, when it's real science, even something that's long been established is still open for debate. This is why I do not refer to climatology as a science.

* * *

This sums my attitude up nicely: "I haven't said much about the Harvey Weinstein Scandal mostly because I don't care." That's pretty much it.

I mean--big powerful amoral Hollywood producer, using his money and power to have sex with women whether they like it or not, and to cover it up and avoid prosecution in the all-too-frequent cases of "not"...what's new about this? When has this ever not happened? And when has it ever not happened that the industry insiders close ranks behind him, because after all he's a Big Name In This Town and Everybody Does It Anyway?

And why are people on the right so outraged that everyone who screamed bloody murder over Trump saying "Grab 'em by the pussy" is strangely silent now, when it comes to a leftist who did much worse than talk about it? That double standard is older than The Communist Manifesto.

So far, everything I've seen in the Weinstein Fiasco is nothing but "Business As Usual".

* * *

$5 says these investigations go nowhere. FBI investigating allegations that officials in Puerto Rico deliberately withheld aid to distressed people. PR is a big bastion of leftists politics, a staunch redoubt of the policies of the Deep State. Nothing will come of this "investigation".

* * *

I vote for "sophisticated prank". Look: there are cameras everywhere. 90% of cell phones, for example, have cameras in them. There are security cameras all over the damned place.

Yet we waited this long to see some "incontrovertible proof" of ghosts and spooks?

...and this "haunting" has three elements. 1) One stack of lockers rocks back and forth in place. 2) A locker in another set flies open and a couple things come out. 3) A "wet floor" sign is knocked over. I can think of two or three ways to make all three of those actions take place, utterly invisibly to the camera.

It's clever, and it's spooky, but I don't think it's a ghost.



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