atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5905: Why I am awake now

Finished off Band of Brothers and went to bed. Managed to sleep for maybe an hour. Then?

Step one: Twigs, sleeping on the other side of Mrs. Fungus, climbs over her and curls up between us, and that was okay.

Step two: Critter, the big meatloaf of a cat, decides it's time to go to bed with Mommy and Daddy, and climbs over Twigs to settle between me and Mrs. Fungus. And that was okay, too, kind of, particularly after I got him to settle down and stop trying to climb onto my head.

Step three: Maki, the kitten--having gotten lonesome--decides now is the time to come to bed with everyone, and attempts to curl up under my chin.

King bed, Mrs. Fungus occupies half of it with herself, her pillows, and blankets--and all three cats are taking up fully 33% of my side of the bed. I'm laying a bare two inches from the edge of the bed, for crying out loud.

And Maki starts trying to groom everyone within reach, self included. And when Critter gets tired of being groomed, the tussling begins.

Me: *sigh*

...which is why I'm at the computer at 4 AM. All that nonsense woke me completely, to the point that I knew I had to get up and have a snack and try to settle down again. FFS.

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