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#5908: Don't quite know where to start today

Chores: work on paint prep in computer room, and on partition wall. It's raining outside, so no grass cutting today.

Paint prep is mainly going to be drywall work; I need to patch that hole in the ceiling, and the area around the light fixture also needs work. That'll take a couple of hours.

I also need to put a second coat of mud on the partition. That'll be a couple of hours, if the first coat is any guide, because I have no prior experience with it, and the sum total of my instruction on doing it came from YouTube.

But first, this post.

* * *

Why the everlasting fuck is Ireland issuing a stamp commemorating Ernesto "Che" Guevara? That psychopath wasn't Irish.

So, as long as they're commemorating the right-hand men of murderous dictators, I have to ask: when is Ireland going to issue its stamp commemorating Heinrich Himmler?

* * *

Karl Denninger makes the point that the security guard who reported the Las Vegas shooter to the police has been very carefully shut the hell up because he's probably an illegal alien.
Occam's Razor folks: I'll bet he's an illegal immigrant.

His name is a common Hispanic first name but an extremely rare US one.

If he's an illegal immigrant he can't register for a security guard license.

This of course means that both his union and Mandalay Bay (MGM) knew, or recklessly and intentionally averted their attention from his lack of citizenship, and that would explain the "gag"; one or both have warned him that if he opens his mouth they will throw him to the wolves. Up until this point it was great for both Mandalay Bay and the union; the union got dues, Mandalay Bay got a suppressed-wage and compliant worker.

The reason to shut him up is obvious; he has a nice car over there, and an apparent nice life. If he's illegally in the United States, however, all that goes "poof" like a fart in a church if he gets caught and ICE comes after him, and what's worse is that just perhaps that there's a security guard who allegedly is supposed to be licensed and isn't could bring ICE into all the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, where they would likely find thousands of illegal invaders working in said hotels in various capacities, including, if this guy really is an unlicensed "guard", those where licenses are supposed to be required.
Oh hell yeah. Imagine the disaster (for the resorts' payroll budgets) that would occur if they were forced to hire legal workers, instead of illegal aliens. To make matters worse, if they really are employing illegal aliens in positions which require licenses, that becomes a nightmare for them, too, as they would be fined on top of losing the extra-cheap labor.

So, yeah, not surprised.

* * *

Universe wasn't a singularity prior to inflation. Interesting theory, and it makes more sense than the "big bang plus dark energy" theory.

Incidentally, "let there be light" doesn't mean there had to be an explosion; it just requires that light come into being where there was none before.

* * *

In one of the early episodes of Band of Brothers they've jumped into Normandy, and the squad is confronting a group of Germans. The guy in charge tells them to fire on his order, but one of the men just jumps up and cuts loose with his Thompson, machine-gunning every kraut in sight.


...though of course the outcome of that little skirmish was considerably different from what happened in the legendary WoW contretemps. Heh.

* * *

Looking for something to watch the other night, Mrs. Fungus saw a movie called Criminal. "There are a bunch of people in that movie," she said, in her "old lady" voice.

I replied, in my "old man" voice, "There's a bunch of people in that movie, and one of them's a criminal!"


* * *

I'm not sure what drugs I was smoking this week. Thursday night I forgot to put out the trash can. Last night I went to put it out, saw that no one else on the street had theirs out, and realized, "Oh, Monday was a holiday, so I have to put it out tomorrow." Today, upon waking, I realized that I had missed putting it out on Thursday, but today was Friday, and--wait, no. What was today? Wednesday we saw the musical, Thursday was--when did we watch Orville, anyway? If today is Friday and they're not collecting trash on this street, when do they...?

Eventually I realized A) it's Saturday; B) trash collection was Friday morning, as usual; C) it looks as if I'll be putting out both cans next week.


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