atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5913: Partying like it's 2002!!!

So, besides spackling, I took my desk apart.

My desk is--was--the biggest piece of furniture in the computer room.

Once I was finished with spackling what I could spackle, I got after the computer desk. I needed to get it taken apart and out of here, because I need to be able to access the walls in order to paint them. Weird, eh?

It took me a couple of hours to accomplish that. Because stuff all over the place and WTF KIND OF SCREW IS THIS and-and-and. Look: I last moved this desk a bit less than five years ago--from my old bedroom into here--but I didn't need to take it down this far to do it. This time it was going to the garage for the duration, so I took it down to smaller parts.

Man what a lot of work that was!

But I did it, and in its place I brought in the old printer stand which served as my battlestation for many years in the late '80s and through the 1990s, until 1999 at least. But I took that desk down and stored it when I got a roommate in March of 2002, and used the printer stand in its stead in my bedroom in the old place in Cedar Rapids. I didn't have my computer desk set up again until early 2004, after I was back in Illinois.

...dang, that computer desk is old, isn't it? Maybe I should think about getting a new one. Someday.

Anyway: I kept the printer stand, despite its excessive age and deterioration, because I knew it would come in handy for something, and you never know when you're going to need a computer desk that will fit in a relatively small area...and I'm pleased to see that I was right. It breaks down to four pieces--two legs, the top, and a back panel--and stores pretty compactly, so it's not a big problem like keeping the old kid's desk was that I tossed earlier this year.

Could be worse, right?

Anyway, my new minimalist battle station has keyboard, mouse, and speakers on it, with little room for anything else, but it works and is easily moved.

$5 says my wife says, "You should leave it like that!" *sigh*

Well, I could do that...but I'd need a lot of shelves on the wall to accommodate my desk stuff then. Just sayin'.


Well, Mrs. Fungus didn't say I should leave it like that, but she did say that I look like a baby. Because I'm sitting at a tiny little desk.


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