atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5919: That made pretty short work of it.

So, that sanding screen I bought--

Turns out that if you cut it in half, it fits my sander exactly, so I got two sheets for the price of one. Probably the sanding screen is meant to be the equivalent of a half-sheet of sandpaper, and half of that--yeah. Anyway, it fit perfectly, and holy crap did it knock down the spackle on the edges of the patch. I sacrificed a sock and taped it over the dust collection port on the sander, and it seems to have kept the dust to a minimum. Nifty. I need to get a sheet or two of 150-grit now, because the sanding screen allows the dust collector to work.

There were still a few low spots that needed touching up. I did that; they'll dry overnight, and I'll expect to smooth it out with 150 grit, then paint the ceiling tomorrow.

As a bonus, the 80-grit seems to take the foam tape off the wall pretty handily, too. So tomorrow after I paint the ceiling, I'll finish spackling the walls; sand them and mask Saturday, and hopefully have them ready for paint Sunday.

Once this room is painted, I just need to complete the partition wall; and once that one's done, we'll see what happens next.

* * *

I've had a headache for most of the day today. Despite that, I:
Threw in three (four?) applications
Cut the grass
Washed the dishes
Cleaned out the refrigerator
Did some work on the computer room paint prep
I got a lot done today.

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