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#5920: Getting around to it

Kansas' "Vinyl Confessions" tour, 1982:

That was the first real rock concert I went to. Well, not that one shown, but they played at a venue in the Chicago area and I went, and enjoyed the hell out of it. Later that summer the concert was played over the radio, and my brother taped it. Eventually he taped over it. *sigh* That tape included a piano/synth solo that I've missed hearing for a long time, and the concert video doesn't include it. How disappointing.

The thing that bothers me about it--about all concert videos, really--is how the camera always cuts away from what I want to see. Okay, they launch "Carry on Wayward Son" and get around to one of the big guitar solos. Kerry Livgren did the guitar solos on it, and while I understand that you can't show one person in a concert video for the length of a song, you can at least have the camera on the guy at key moments--which they missed, so that instead of catching the guy performing the most intricate and interesting riffs, we see Robby Steinhart whacking a tambourine or John Elefante hopping around.

Anyway, last night it occurred to me, "Hey, maybe it's on YouTube!" So I searched and found that video, but no solo there.

Well, guess I'll have to keep looking for that keyboard solo.

* * *

Lying sack of shit is proud of herself.
[The lying sack of shit] set off a firestorm this week when she told reporters that Trump upset Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, when he called her on Tuesday night. [The lying sack of shit] characterized Trump as insensitive in remarks she overheard to the widow of the soldier, who was killed along with three others in an ambush in Niger.

How about you assholes are vile scum for politicizing this. Incidentally, it's not very easy to "overhear" a phone call from the President to a citizen unless you either A) listen to the recording of the call, or B) happen to be in the Oval Office when he makes the call. Which is it?

Meanwhile, Another gold star widow releases the call she received from President Trump and it doesn't sound "insensitive" to me.

Oh, and incidentally, that previous link about General Kelly's remarks? Of course the lying sacks of shit in the Democrat party (redundancy?) are now going to their favorite insult and saying that he's racist.

* * *

Apple does this on purpose. Apple knows demand for new model iPhones will be very high, but instead of making enough of them to slake that initial demand they prefer to ration them.

Reason 1: it gets people to line up outside Apple stores. That drives "buzz", making the products seem cool and desirable when the inevitable news stories come out. "Holy crap, that guy waited in line at the Apple Store for three days to get an iPhone X! Maybe I should get one!"

Reason 2: it spreads out the initial sales of the thing, so they don't have one big spike in revenue and flat sales the rest of the time. It looks better if sales are strong for three months, as opposed to sales being stratospheric for a week and then tapering off.

Reason 3: factories can only produce so many units in a specific time, and if Apple gave itself enough lead time to make enough iPhone X units, Samsung would already be coming out with whatever they call the Galaxy S 11 by the time Apple had enough iPhone X to suit demand.

Honestly, I don't see the point of spending a thousand dollars on a cell phone.

* * *

Well: today is going to be a pretty full day. I suppose I ought to get started.

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