atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5923: So, what the hell was that?

Schedule A-5 was originally meant to be an Alternity (or D20 Modern) campaign. It withered on the vine due to shitty group politics.

To construct the setting, I did a lot of research, and a lot of thinking. The campaign materials I generated were pretty interesting (IMHO) and I thought it was going to be a lot of fun...but apparently it was decided that no, it wasn't worth running. A reason was concocted for my impending campaign to be aborted, and I played right into the scenario provided, so the players pulled out and the group went on to do another campaign instead of mine.

It's knocked around since then--about seventeen years--unfulfilled and unloved. There's no way it'll ever be a roleplaying campaign now, unfortunately. So, what to do with it? Well, why not make a web-story out of it?

I therefore will periodically post hunks of the story here. It's all going to be off-the-cuff, no outline or editing or anything. I expect it to be entertaining, in a pulp magazine sort of way. We'll all see, at the same time, how well I do.

* * *

I was preparing to paint the computer room ceiling when I noticed another spot where the paint gave up, and I said many bad words. Chipped away the failed paint, slapped primer over the spot.

...actually, before I primed it, I drilled a small hole through to the attic, then went up there to see if I could figure out what the hell's going on. Problem: the place this occurred is buried under insulation and plywood, and while I was able to get the plywood off I couldn't get down to the drywall through the insulation. Gave up on it, and just decided I'll treat this patch the way I've treated other patches, and call it good. Nailed the plywood back down, then primed the spot. Also, primed the patch where the exhaust fan was. So that's ready to go, anyway.

Turned my attention to the partition wall, and put on the second coat of mud. Once it dries, I'm going to start sanding it, and then I'll prime the damned thing. Be nice if I could get it painted, too, before the month's out.

Well, I've got one more job I want to do before I go to bed, and that's to put spackle on that failed paint spot. Guess I'll do that, and turn in.

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