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#5924: Amazing, isn't it?

Text message to Baltimore teachers at a certian school.
Good Morning people! [Secretary] is printing report cards so finally you can get cumes finished. Please double check end of year averages and make sure they are 60 and above, except our four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7). If you find any grade averages below 60, pkesss [sic] have [secretary] correct and give me a copy of those student names. Thanks!
The article concludes, "Makes you wonder what those 'four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7)' from the principal's text above had to do to actually fail a grade."

Well, they're not necessarily being retained; it says they're candidates for retention, which basically means they may or may not be retained, depending on something or other. I think it would be extremely interesting to know why those four kids are being singled out, when teachers are routinely passing all the kids in their classes, including those who never attend so much as one day of school.

That would be very interesting indeed.

* * *

Yep, that finishes any respect I had for George Bush, too. Too classy to say anything negative about Obama, Bush is now saying negative things about Trump.

Obama is an anointed member of the ruling class, you see, where Trump is not.

* * *

Democrat megadonor wants Trump impeached. Well, of course. You can't buy influence from someone who's not selling it, and Trump is already rich enough that he doesn't need a "foundation" to line his pockets.

The lying shitsock says, "A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less, yet today people in this Congress know that the president is a clear and present danger armed with nuclear weapons...and they do nothing."

"Far less" than what? This paragon claims Trump to be "mentally unstable". Ah, I see; we should take your word for it, because reasons, right? I mean, no leftist would ever charge someone with being "mentally unstable" just because he didn't like his politics. Right?

I mean, there are just some things one does not do.

Bill Clinton, meanwhile, was impeached for committing perjury, which is by far and away a lot more serious than simply making political moves some rich leftists don't like.

* * *

A poor grasp of the basics. That poster for Predator makes the movie look like it's about Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Carl Weathers having a homosexual relationship, which is somehow complicated by an alien lifeform.

Don't laugh too hard. Hollywood will make that movie the instant it occurs to them. Not with those two actors, but with someone.

* * *

Today, I am finally painting the ceiling in the computer room. Among other chores.

* * *

Gorgeous indian summer weather this week, but it won't last, and all too soon it'll be November and cold. While looking through junk on my hard drive last night I came across a video I shot March 14, the snowiest day of 2017. It shows the house in its pre-improved form, and some other things. Kind of neat.

* * *

Watched a video about the development of the Commodore 128. The guy--Bil Herd--worked first on the development of the TED computers--116, 232, 264, and 364--and his discussion of them was interesting in its own right. The latter three machines were meant to be business computers; the 116 was meant to be a Spectrum ZX-killer. The 116 was engineered to meet a $50 price point.

In the video, Herd discussed why Jack Tramiel left Commodore...and when Tramiel left Commodore, the business and marketing weenies took over, and that is why we got the stinkinous Plus/4 and the Commodore 16 instead of the other four.

After the Plus/4 and the C16 failed, Herd and the other engineers developed the C128. It was either that, or the Commodore LCD, which was a portable computer with an LCD screen. On (flawed) advice, Commodore management elected to produce the C128 instead, and that decision seems to be the one that relegated them to the dustbin.

I never had a C128. I don't know if I want one--right now I have no time for ancient hardware--though if I saw a C128D at a garage sale for $5 I'd snatch it in a heartbeat. The one thing the C128 can do that a C64 cannot--at least, within my limited purview--is to run Ultima V with music. But it might be fun to bang around on one a little bit.

The development environment for those old machines--that was a different world. Chip masks were laid up on acetate with tape. PCBs were hand-populated, and engineers made modifications to them by hand--adding a jumper or a diode here, cutting a trace there--and chips were socketed for easy replacement. A motherboard could be designed by one man.

Not like today. Yeesh. Everything is SMD and tiny, and it takes an army of engineers to do anything because the chips are all so much more complex than they were 30 years ago. But on the plus side, a modern computer can perfectly emulate those old machines in real time, with plenty of power left over for other tasks.

Well, enough techno-nostalgia; I've still got chores to do, and my lunch break has lasted long enough.

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