atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5926: You go ahead and do that.

Maxine Waters sez, "I will go and take out Trump tonight!"

Good luck with that. Meanwhile, enjoy being investigated by the Secret Service.

* * *

Speaking of insane (and inane) congresscritters, the rodeo clown continues to provide a nice juicy target for Trump. As long as people like the rodeo clown are the face of the Democrat party, we can expect real America to de-elect their dumb, lying-sack-of-shit asses.

* * *

Robert Mugabe appointed as a World Health Organization 'goodwill ambassador'? Robert Mugabe? Seriously? That Robert Mugabe, the dork who ruined Zimbabwe?

After sufficient outcry had been voiced, they de-appointed him. Fuckin' UN.

* * *

This guy says the rodeo clown "dresses like Howdy Doody", which is also not far off the mark. But what gets my attention here is the brief discussion of the Clintons' involvement in Russia's buying of uranium interests in the US. Russia donated $150 million to the Clinton petty cash fund Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State, the agency which would approve or deny the sale of the uranium.

It occurs to me that Hillary needed to be President in order to sweep this under the rug, only she's not President and can't.

* * *

Related, some old news. Hillary, at age 27, worked on the Watergate Investigation...and was fired, for being a "unethical, dishonest lawyer".

* * *

Well, they did say it was a goal and not an accomplishment.

* * *

I accomplished a lot yesterday. Why is it--when I do that--the next day is inevitably a total loss? Or almost?

Today I feel utterly wrecked. I've been working pretty hard, and pretty steadily, on the house; I would expect to be used to this kind of effort by now--but I'm not, and it's annoying.

Plus side: the computer room ceiling is painted. I want to give it more time to cure before I put any tape on it, but I've probably got about two or three hours' worth of work to do on the walls before they're ready for paint. Most of that will be spackling the rest of the west wall, then sanding everything. The orbital sander makes pretty quick work of that; then cleaning the walls and masking will take maybe a couple more hours.

The "dead paint" patch I found threw a monkey wrench into the works. Originally I'd hoped to put color on the walls today, but that didn't happen. It'll happen soon enough, though.

Today, then, I'm going to finish the spackling in here and let it dry overnight. Tomorrow I can sand, clean, and mask. So hopefully, Tuesday will be paint day.

The second coat of mud on the partition wall--I thinned it with a bit of water, and it spread more easily; there are still some issues but I think it's ready for sanding. I need to work out how to connect the sander to a vacuum cleaner (the solution will probably involve a certain quantity of duct tape) but then I can get that smoothed out and slap some primer on it. After that dries, I get to paint it in three colors! The edge by the kitchen will be lemon parsnips; the side facing the family room will be that color; and the edge by the front hall will be buttercream. Hooray.

...and at some point I have to take the railing out to do the north face of that wall, too.

But the end of the first phase is in sight. Getting the partition done and the computer room done means I can relax just a little bit before starting phase two: the bathroom.

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