atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5929: Oh, shut up, you idiot

I mean Tom Hanks. (Autoplay warning.)

As is said over at AoSHQ: "Tom Hanks opened his mouth to attack [President Trump] over the phone call to the KIA soldier's widow and mostly halitosis tinged with bile was emitted. Tom, you're an actor. You say the lines you are given without bumping into the furniture."

Tom Hanks seems to think that--predicated on his role in Saving Private Ryan and producing Band of Brothers and The Pacific--this somehow gives him the authority to criticize the President on how he handled a call to a military widow. Of course Hanks is a Hollywood leftist so I'm not surprised he opened his mouth and "removed all doubt", but it's typical for major actors to think they're somehow authorities on something because they played one in a movie.

* * *

NFL ticket sales not doing too well. The one showing Soldier Field--I'll admit that the weather yesterday was not the best-ever, but it wasn't freezing cold and it wasn't snowing. A bit rainy in spots, not too bad...certainly not bad enough for the seats to be sparsely occupied like that.

But of course it has nothing to do with the asinine displays of the spoiled brat players, oh no!

* * *

Girls in Boy Scouts is, so far, a clusterfuck.
Our local scout master in Muscovy learned of the decision off Facebook, two hours before that night's scout meeting. He's not opposed to girls entering the BSA in general, but feels this announcement was an unwelcome surprise. He's already received two inquiries from parents looking to have their girls enter cub scouts, but politely informed the parents to contact the national organization for next steps, as he has absolutely no direction on what to do. And, it turns out, because he can't mix girls and boys in the same pack or troop, he can't help them anyway.
And so it goes.

* * *

Paint prep today; the walls of the computer room must get sanded, cleaned, and masked. There is absolutely nothing tempting about today's weather, as it's dank, dreary, and wet, so in all probability I won't even leave the house today. I'm expecting to paint the walls their new color tomorrow.

Last night I had an itch to tinker with the C64 a bit, but that's not anything I have time for right now. It'll just have to wait.

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