atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5930: Akazukin Chacha

No, this ain't about the anime series.

Michael Flynn has the details. It's about a Latin reader from the 11th century, which includes a story named "Concerning the Girl Saved from the Wolf Cubs", and it's the earliest known version of "Little Red Riding Hood".

It's pretty amazing that so many aphorisms we use today had their origin so long ago.

* * *

The glorious world of masturbation. Not the actual title of a 19th century French book demonstrating the perils of self-abuse, but it could have been if the author had been possessed of a little more imagination.

One would think that if someone got to the point that he was puking blood and bedridden he'd no longer be able to wank it, assuming that he could even get it up through the headaches, teeth falling out, losing his hair, first coughing up and then vomiting blood, the sores all over his body, and general wasting.

Holy crap, those are all symptoms of radiation poisoning! Where the hell is this kid choking his chicken, Marie Curie's laboratory??

* * *

Welp, lunch is et; time to get back to work.

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