atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5931: Glorious color!

Okay, it's done! Quite unexpectedly, I actually managed to get the computer room done Monday night.

Sanded the spackle--all of it--masked the whole room, and then painted. Mrs. Fungus came home, said it needed another coat, so I painted again, but the second coat always goes faster than the first anyway. Let it dry overnight.

Today we had errands, but once done with them (and a nap) I tore out all the masking stuff, vacuumed the entire room, set up our computers again, and hung some of our things. The room's color is a lot darker--with the same lighting, it's dimmer in here--but that actually works well since this is the computer room anyway. And when the summer sun shines through the window in the evening, there won't be mirrors on the wall to reflect it into my eyes.

Today we shopped for curtains. We're going to have to order since no one had decent curtains in stock in 63" length, but that's okay. Bought new wall plates and a new ceiling fan; I'll do that part tomorrow.

No more of this:

But this:

...which is my pathetic little temporary computer desk, not my awesome corner workstation, but that's okay.

I removed the door to make painting easier, and upon seeing it last night Mrs. Fungus said, "Throw that door out! It's got holes in it." (The back side has a couple, where someone kicked it. The outside has one bad ding, too.) So we discussed replacing it, and I mentioned that I actually do have a replacement door on hand, in the garage, and she asked, "Why do we need a door there, anyway?"

She was so excited by the new paint that she was almost incoherent, saying something about not needing to fondle one's balls while busting one's hump on eBay, but I got the gist and left the door off. And it's easier to get in and out of here without the door in the way.

The carpet in here has not been this clean for a long time.

Anyway, that's the majority of the first stage. Last thing is the partition wall, which I'll attempt to finish this week (ie before Sunday). Once that's done I'm taking a day or two OFF from home improvement!

...before I start on stage two: the bathroomening.

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