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#593: Loads of dumb-ness.

Semi-privatization of the Holland Tunnel would lead to $180 tolls, say some. it wouldn't. The point of leasing the "operating rights" of something is to make a profit, and how much of a profit could the company make if virtually no one can afford to use it? A $180 toll may be contractually possible but no company in its right mind would actually charge that much unless there were extenuating circumstances. (Such as runaway inflation making the dollar worth its weight in grass clippings.)


A Swedish artist has made a sculpture of Christ as a dog in order to "stimulate debatge about religion". He made it of Christ because Jews won't get upset about Moses being lampooned, and he doesn't want a fatwa issued against him for making a mockery of Mohammed.

What a moron.

And speaking of idiots--the "useful" kind--Kevin Spacey has been hobnobbing with Venezuela dictator-for-life-and-Castro-wannabe Hugo Chavez.


Jill Stanek continues to report on the Planned Parenthood deception in Aurora, Illinois, and how its discovery is affecting other similar deceptions planned by the eugenicist organization.

Eh? "Eugenicist"? Isn't that being unfair, you ask?

The organization was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was about as racist as Adolph Hitler and who believed that eugenics were the wave of the future. Heck, she said, "We don't want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." Margaret, meet Adolph and Heinrich. They were out to exterminate the Jewish population, and look how far they got.

Of course they used guns and nerve gas, and PP uses the medical equivalent of a vacuum cleaner. But the numbers are approximately in parity.

It'd be stupid if it weren't so damned perfidious.

And finally, the "Jena 6" are reminding us of the "good old days" when Rodney King "didn't get a fair trial" and so South Central LA had to have riots.

Some racist white highschool kids hang some nooses in a tree. For this, six black kids beat the everloving piss out of them, continuing to do violence to one of them after he lost consciousness. Now the race pimps are upset because the black kids are being tried as criminals while the white kids were disciplined by their school.

Well, there is a slight difference in conduct. The hanging of the nooses--while offensive and stupid--could easily fall under "freedom of expression". But beating the everloving piss out of someone can only fall under "assault and battery", which is a crime, unless they attacked you first. (An offensive and stupid expression doesn't count.)

I get that the black kids felt oppressed. I get that they didn't like the racist comment implied by nooses hanging in a tree. But that doesn't give them the right to commit assault and battery.

Oh well.

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