atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5936: I want to finish that partition wall soonest

So tomorrow I'm going to be sanding away at the partition wall, because it's got to be done, and I'm the one who's doing it.

I put Mrs. Fungus to bed after we watched Hellraiser II, and I was preparing to go on WoW for just a little bit, then take a shower--but I thought, "Let's do some job-hunting first."

Here it is 2.3 hours later and all I did was job-hunt. First I revised my resume a bit, according to some advice I was given; then I submitted the new resume to some places--I think I did seven of 'em tonight.

Well, it's a good time to job-hunt for me, because it's quiet and the day's work is done--and I can't do anything too noisy since Mrs. Fungus is sleeping, anyway. It kind of works out. When I job-hunt at this time of night, I seem to find plenty of leads and throw out plenty of applications, and the more apps I toss in the more likely it is I'll get a bite.

But now I'm going to take that shower, and then get on with just a little bit of WoW before bed. I deserve it. Don't I?

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