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#5937: A tale plainly told

Had a bunch of tabs open, closed them all, because it's stuff I already talked about. Mostly stuff about the FusionGPS dossier.

* * *

I hate to break it to the brits, but no, men do not get pregnant. Only women can get pregnant. That's a biological fact; it's not a social construct nor is it a matter of opinion.



Look it up.


* * *

I've been watching the NHK channel lately. It's an English-language channel with Japanese news and programming, all either spoken or subtitled. They've been covering Myanmar's expulsion of muslims, covering it the way they'd cover a "humanitarian crisis", but this kind of thing is why I sympathize with the Myanmar government.

The problem is that islam itself is incompatible with every other religion and form of government (for it is actually a government with a thin veneer of religion atop it). A country or region that becomes sufficiently islamic turns into a totalitarian shithole, complete with all the violence and barbarity we've come to expect from the death cult.

Myanmar is, so far, the only country willing to face up to the facts and do what's needed to protect themselves from this scourge. It may be first, but it will not, however, be the last.

* * *

Today I am wearing my full winter home regalia--sweatpants and hoodie--because it's just cool enough in here that I need it. Thermostat is at 69° and we're maintaining that temperature, but I haven't started working on anything yet, so I'm still cool.

* * *

After I got the ceiling fan bracket installed, yesterday, I put an old Kansas concert up on YouTube. It turned out to be the tour they went on immediately after finishing Masque, their third album. I'm going along on the ceiling fan, inserting tab A into slot B, when I stopped what I was doing and looked at the computer.

Robby Steinhart had just sung "shit" in a song.

I don't remember which one it was. Something from one of the first two albums, might have been something inserted into "Down the Road". Later, "Bringing it Back" had some swearing in it. And when he was talking to the audience I heard "shit" again.

...not something I recall from the concerts I attended. I only saw Kansas twice in concert (once in 1982 and the other time in 1994 as I recall). Kind of funny, actually.

* * *

Today is Thursday. I have chores. I need to get after them.

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