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#5940: Well, at least the cat's okay

Maki's post-snip checkup should have been done on Tuesday, but I procrastinated and didn't get it done until today. There's been absolutely no urgency about it, though, because the kitten is still healthy as a horse and acts like nothing happened to him.

For a few days after the surgery, he was subdued, and mostly slept. Since then, he's sleeping more than he did pre-op but he's very active when not sleeping. He's fine.

Doc looked him over, and said the same, as expected.

* * *

The big deal in the news right now--at least, the news I read--is the FusionGPS story.

In the wake of the election, Hillary Clinton pointed to "Trump's collusion with russians" as the reason she lost: Trump had done something dirty, and that was why she lost the election! Russian interference! Hacking! Mopery and dopery in the spaceways!

Only now it's turning out that the opposite was true. It was the DNC and the Clintons who were colluding with Russians, attempting to bring down Trump any way possible, as well as the Obama administration helping them by finding ways to wiretap Trump campaign officials.

Get it? Not only was Trump not in collusion with Russians, but the Democrats were.

And I find that I must now refer to the senior Senator from Arizona as "John McStain" because even he has a part in this nonsense.

Remember: during the campaign, Trump asked why being captured and held prisoner and having to be rescued made McStain a war hero. That's a perfectly reasonable question, but McStain took it as blood libel, and McStain hates Trump as a result. So now it turns out that McStain gave the FusionGPS dossier (full of paid campaign propaganda) to the FBI, so that FBI director James "Hillary's my gal!" Comey could brief Trump about it (Saying, "This is nothing, Mr. Trump." Thinking, "ha, I'm not telling him Hillary paid for it!") and someone could then leak it to the press, thus magically legitimizing the story.

I mean, prior to Comey's briefing, everyone knew the dossier was radioactive, full of unsubstantiated garbage. But as soon as Comey briefed Trump on it, the briefing was the story--not the contents of the dossier--and they could talk about it and get the horseshit out there without having to say whether or not it was actually true. "Republican Donald Trump was briefed about a dossier including such-and-such information," rather than having to say, "A dossier has surfaced alleging X and Y about the Republican candidate Donald Trump." In the former case, they say it alleges X and Y, and that's what Trump was briefed on by the FBI so you know it's serious you guys because FBI directors don't brief people on junk don't you know. In the latter case, they have to make the information itself the story, and since everyone knew it was unsubstantiated trash, it wouldn't do their side any good. Comey's briefing lent credence to it regardless of what he said to Trump about it.

Thing is, though, it's backfiring.

It's backfiring because there actually was collusion between the Clintons and the Russians, over uranium deposits. There actually was wiretapping going on which--if not actually illegal--was highly, highly unethical, and it was the Democrats who were doing it. There actually was an attempt by a sitting President and his administration to cut the legs out from under an incoming President.

All these interesting facts are coming out, and unlike prior administrations we have a President who isn't going to allow the nonsense to be swept under the rug in the name of professional courtesy. I don't think it's likely that Trump will politely ignore the crimes of these people solely because, "Well, that was during the previous administration, and it doesn't matter now, so in the interest of unity and coming together we'll just let it slide."

If laws were broken, people need to go to jail for it. No matter how powerful they may be.

Not a slap on the wrist. Not just paying a fine, because even a $50,000 fine is pocket change to these people. (And honestly--do you think someone who gets fined $50,000 for helping to further the Democrat agenda actually pays his own damned fine? Out of his own pocket?) They need to go to jail. Actual jail, not minimum security country club jail, even though that's probably impossible, but I'd find it acceptable if these criminals did a decade each in the country club federal pen.

It's going to be interesting to see how all this shakes out.

* * *

The weather is cold. It's almost November, so it's to be expected; a couple of dips below freezing are predicted for the coming week.

Oh well. What can you do about it?

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