atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5941: What in the hell...?

So, last night--for reasons which defy me--Mrs. Fungus put on Big Mouth.

BM is an animated show about a cluster of seventh graders who are going through puberty in as egregious a fashion as possible. It's not geared for kids, not with all the swearing and sexual references and-and-and. It's full of sophomoric humor, the (alleged) kids talk like middle-aged east-coast TV people, most of the jokes aren't even remotely funny, and it's pretty gross, too. (One episode features an anthropomorphized vulva.) (Ep 5.)

After we'd binge-watched five episodes in a row we finally went to bed. It's like a train wreck: you ask yourself, "Why am I watching this?" but you can't turn it off. It follows Sturgeon's Law to a T, but that 10% of non-crap is hilarious.

Need I warn you, NSFW:

(That big thing that comes down out of the ceiling vent is a "hormone monster", a personification of puberty itself.)

Anyway, it's rude, crude, and without any saving graces whatsoever, but it is entertaining. You'll find it on Netflix...if you dare.

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