atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5943: A pleasant weekend at home

Mrs. Fungus had the weekend off--all weekend, for a change--and we spent it together. I really enjoyed it.

Got the oil changed in her car; I should do the Jeep soon.

* * *

I lost track of how many applications I put in tonight. I show six e-mails from prospective employers and/or job sites confirming my application, and I know I did at least two or three more than that.

Of all the applications I submitted last week, I received communication about one of them, telling me they weren't considering me for the job.


Well, something has got to shake loose soon. Right?

* * *

Bathtub faucet leaks. It's leaked for a while, but it's starting to get really bad. I need to get a new cartridge for it, but that will mean shutting off the water.

Plus side, it shouldn't cost me anything to get the replacement: Saturday I got the rebate card from Menards, for all the paint and supplies we bought in September. Comes to $38 and change. I'd expect the cartridge to cost about $20, and I'm certain I can find another $18 worth of stuff to buy, as we're nowhere near done with painting and so forth. I used 60% of a roll of masking tape on the computer room, and I know the other rooms will need masking, so I expect (among other things) to buy more masking tape.

I saw, on YouTube, a guy making a model railroad layout in about 10 hours using a single sheet of foam board and some other materials. I've been thinking it would be fun to set up the N-scale track again, and I could easily build a pretty nice little layout in about 4x4--half the sheet--and use the remainder for scenery etc. Then get some buildings and trees and so forth to round it out, as I can.

Well, that's something to think about after all the house fixing is done, but I can price the materials, at least.

A finsky says I won't get any of the outdoor work done this year; that will probably have to wait until next spring. But the interior is looking nicer every day, and I expect to get the partition wall done this week. Sand it and prime it; let that dry one day, then spackle as needed and let that dry for one day. Then paint; once that's dry to the touch (3-4 hours) put the woodwork back on and call it finished. I'm looking forward to that.

* * *

I need to get some finishing nails, too, come to think of it. I should make a list for that trip to Menards.

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