atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5947: Uh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Not even.

Read this article on Hackaday about Belkin power strips with 360° rotating plugs that can melt and/or catch fire. Thought, "Dang, that's rotten engineering!" and forgot about it.

...until today, when I was working on sanding the partition wall. And found that the power strip our TV, cable box, and BD player are plugged into has one of these rotating plugs.

"No way," I said, and immediately unplugged it and substituted another power strip. Because I'd read that article, you see.

So--same as the guy in the article--I cut the rotating plug off and substituted a fixed 3-prong plug I'd bought a long time ago, for fixing an old extension cord, I think (which I ended up recycling instead). I'm going to take the rotating plug apart and see if it was ever any danger, but I did note that it is the same model power strip and has the exact same patent number on the plug. So, no, not gonna play with that shit.

I don't see any evidence of melting, either, but--yeah. Not playing around. I had the plug on hand, so why not?

Anyway, the first coat of primer is drying, and tomorrow I'll make a decision about a second coat of primer, or just starting in with the spackling.

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