atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5948: Toasting pumpkin seeds

The recipe:

Clean the seeds and make sure you get as much pumpkin goo off as possible.

Let the seeds dry completely. This is the secret, the step I never knew about; those seeds must be dry before you take the next step.

2 TBSP of melted butter, or your oil of choice; I would have used butter had I had 2 TBSP of it handy, but I would have needed to break out another stick for that, so I used olive oil. Tossed well, added salt, tossed more, spread on foil on cookie sheet. Dusted a little more salt on.

(Salt "to taste".)

Oven at 300°. Baked for 20 minutes on middle rack, stirred, placed on top rack for another 25 minutes.

The seeds came out:
a) golden brown
b) perfectly salted
c) crispy and crunchy but easily chewed
The best pumpkin seeds I ever ate, bar none. Even the ones you get in packages are too chewy and too hard. (And too salty.)

Makes me wish I had another pumpkin....

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