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#594: Yay yay yay yay yay

School Days ep 12 was finally broadcast. The wonderful people at m.3.3.w Fansubs say they are already working on subbing it, and that they'll have it out as soon as "humanely possible". [sic]


A little further down they say this about ep 11: "Few words can describe this episode without spoiling it. Let’s just say Makoto is a bad, bad person."

That's a bit of an understatement, IMHO.

* * *

Last night at work, I happened to notice that the 10-packs of notebooks that I like to buy around this time of year went to 75% off.

They're 80-page spiral-bound notebooks, which is just the right size for a lot of different things. I used to try to find them on sale for $0.10 or so each, during "back to school"; but Target sells them in 10-packs for a buck, when they're full price. But I don't buy 'em at full price.

You see, I've seen how many pallets of these things come into the store. That's one of the (dis)advantages of working in the Receiving area; you have to contend with them. And for some reason (*cough* lazy asses *cough) the notebooks don't generally get filled completely, so we end up with pallets of leftovers. And so now we have them selling for $0.25 per 10-pack, which is 2.5 cents per notebook.

Same as last year, I bought a case of them. This time it cost me $1.42 after my discount and tax. (Last year I didn't wait for them to go 75% off; I bought them at 30% off.)

$1.42 for sixty freaking notebooks. I've seen 80-page notebooks costing upwards of $1 or more at other stores; for the price of one name-brand college-ruled 80-page spiral-bound notebook at (say) Jewel, I have a case of them.

Heh. I'm not going to run out of notebooks for a while.

Strange: looking at the receipt, it says $1.50 for the notebooks, then it shows my 10% employee discount...$0.18.

In what universe is $0.18 10% of $1.50? WTF?

I mean, the receipt shows my discount as 10%, so what the hell? Do the cash registers have original Pentium processors in them or something?

Even with tax, before my discount it was only $1.63, and the machine does not calculate the discounted price after tax, anyway. So it's a serious WTF moment for me.

* * *

I actually bought two more 10-packs, before I bought the case. One notebook ended up coming out right away and I used it, on breaks, to see if I could noodle out any of the supporting cast or settings for SubaruCo.

I did come up with one character design that looked somewhat promising, and I sketched out the basic appearance of the school building and a rough plot of the school grounds.

For supporting characters I need only a few. I need some "typical" girls, the ones who will be the class bullies. The character design I liked means I have one of them, but I need two more. I also need a homeroom teacher and at least one other teacher.

I'm trying to decide what to name the bullies. I thought about "Harmony" and "Melody" but then I'd need a third in that vein, since there are almost always three of them. (Hana Yori Dango--three. School Days--three. Etcetera.) Three is the right number; it's enough to show that the girls are popular without making too many of them to draw. If one appears in a scene typically they all must, and you don't want to be drawing 50,000 people for one stinking panel. Two isn't a "group" or "circle" and four is inconvenient most of the time.

They'll probably have pretty girl names, though.

* * *

SDB's entry on School Days has a link to a page of screencaps with a basic description of the last episode's plot. I scanned the pics, and it looks like old Makoto is going to get his. I shouldn't be glad about that, but I kind of am.

* * *

Apparently used car batteries are worth about $4 each to a nearly recycler. Dayum.

* * *

I finished watching all the episodes of Dai Mahou Touge--haven't gotten to the omake yet--and was well pleased with it. It's funny. I really like Anego, too.

When Punie switches off the "cute and innocent" act, she becomes a very interesting character. Her sisters are hilarious. The whole thing is so well-done it's hard to believe it was written and directed by the same guy responsible for Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, which was so bad it redefined badness, taking badness to a whole new level of bad that stretched the definition of badness out of comprehension, entering whole new dimensions of bad.

Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, but Lord, it wasn't good.

By the way, this will make anyone who's seen it hate me:

Pi piru piru piru pi piru pi!

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