atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5949: So, FBI ruled out terrorism yet?

Truck attack in NYC.

Driver yelled "allah akhbar" but "motives are uncertain" to Democrats and left and FBI.

Looks as if we have to ban rental trucks if we want to prevent mass truck murder. Eh?

It is past time to THROW THEM ALL OUT. Exactly as is happening in Myanmar. And for the same reason.

* * *

I still can't believe how good those pumpkin seeds were. Mrs. Fungus and I ate all of them while we were waiting for the pizza to finish baking.

Then we ate pizza and watched The Shining, a Fungus household Halloween tradition. I didn't watch any anime this year, either. No biggie.

Prior to Mrs. Fungus' arrival home I watched the second ep of Shetland and was surprised that my guess as to the murderer's identity was wrong. Especially because it took me so long to come to that conclusion. The motive was wrong, too, though my thoughts on the MacGuffin turned out to be correct.

After Mrs. Fungus went to bed, I put a batch of brownies in the oven for her pot luck at work, and watched the next two eps of Shetland. This time, I did call the murderer fairly early on in the show, but it was about one-third evidence and two thirds meta-plot. Oh well.

I do like the show, and the setting is gorgeous. Turns out that the climate of Shetland is approximately the same as the main character's home planet in $Release_Candidate_One. ...which explains why everyone is wearing what I'd consider autumn jackets on the summer solstice.

Anyway, I'm having trouble not binging on the whole thing at one go.

* * *

To sand the mud on the partition, I needed some way to keep the dust down. It turns out that the wand on the vacuum cleaner just fits the dust port on the sander. I didn't even need to jury-rig anything; it fit exactly and it let me get the wall sanded with a minimum of dust.

There was still a lot of dust in the air, of course, but a hell of a lot less than there would have been if I hadn't done this.

Then I primed it. I may do a second coat before spackling. Ordinarily you wouldn't spackle a wall that's just been mudded, but that's because when a wall is mudded by someone who knows how to do it, you don't get voids and gaps and so forth. I don't, not really, and I did. I know how to use spackle, though, so I'll just fill those voids and gaps and get on with life rather than try mudding it yet again, and it should look just fine.

* * *

So, now it's November 1 and I still have no job, in spite of my best efforts. October, you've failed me. *sigh*

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