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#5950: I find myself wanting to reuse the same post titles all the time

But I haven't posted so many (yet) that I can't catch myself in the act and change it. I think.


Ace talks about Kevin Spacey after discussing an NPR goon who had to resign after being accused of sexual harassment. Let me explain something: the press loathes the Republican party, and any time there is even a hint of impropriety from a GOP official it's all over the news. Remember how they sneered at Pence for having a rule about going out to dinner with women other than his wife, even on business? I remarked at the time it was because they were unhappy they couldn't make all kinds of implications about him; the press loves it when they can catch a Republican philandering or worse.

So, that being said, why are all these leftist people and organizations the ones where the sexual harassment is endemic? What I'm asking is, where are the stories about right-wingers engaging in sexual harassment?

You can bet the press is looking for them.

Still, Kevin Spacey is what I wanted to discuss from that post, so let's go.
Slate, given that it's following Salon now, of course has to make the case that forcing yourself on to an unwilling 14 year old isn't pedophilia.

It's only pedophilia if they're 13 or under.
Of course! Quoth a paraphrasal of Slate: "stop calling Kevin Spacey a pedophile for sexually assaulting a 14yo, that only counts for 13-and-under".

I'm not defending Spacey here, nor am I making a counter-claim that he's not a pedo. How could anyone make that claim, reasonably, considering that he committed sexual assault on a minor? But:

There are actually two classifications for paraphilias in which adults have a predilection for minors. Pedophilia is an attraction to pre-pubescent children; ephebophilia is an attraction to post-pubescent children. These are technical terms and have specific meanings. In common parlance, however, "pedophile" has come to mean "someone who has sex with minors".

So according to the technical definition of the term, Spacey might not be a pedophile--but, c'mon, that's a weak-ass defense. He sexually assaulted a 14-year-old; he's a pedo. Get over it.

Related: Couldn't happen to nicer people and yes that is sarcasm.

* * *

This makes me sick. 20 days' worth of Tesla's waste would fund production for the Elio, damn it. It's only possible because Tesla gets government money.

* * *

Hey, have a gander at the TRUE FACE OF SOCIALISM. Socialism--Marxism--Communism--they're all the same damned thing: a meat grinder with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

* * *

Well, it certainly looks like November outside. It's been grey all day, and cold. Whee!

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