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#5952: SO MUCH TO DO

Up late last night submitting applications--actually got an e-mail from one of them this morning. It's a "staffing agency" but it's a lead on a technical job, so I'll be contacting them as soon as my eyes stop trying to auto-close.

Besides that? Have to go to interview in Joliet for "holiday" warehouse temp job, and run some other errands.

Partition wall needs sanding. Once that's done, prep work will be done, and painting can commence. Three colors, one wall. Thrillsville. After the paint's dry I need to reattach the woodwork I detached for adding corner bead and mudding it, then install the box and plate for the cable and network drop. With that wall done, phase one of the home improvement work will be complete.

Wednesday I had a gander at the shower in the master bathroom. That shower has not been used since 2006, and sometime after that (in 2008?) I capped the spigot so it wouldn't leak any longer. More recently I found that the valve wouldn't even turn, much less open or close.

Mrs. Fungus wanted me to clean up the cat litter in there, and since we're looking at redoing the tub surround in the main bath we'll need someplace to bathe, so I figured I might as well evaluate the plumbing and see what needs doing.

Handle off, trying to remove retaining clip--realized that water was still on, so I stopped myself and turned off the water before proceeding. The valve cartridge was certainly stuck; it wouldn't turn even with the special tool. Managed to bust it loose, though, and used pliers to pull it out of the body, and PSHHHHHHHT! got hosed down with lukewarm water.

...I had not relieved pressure in the system by opening any valves anywhere, and the showerhead is capped. Yeah.

Changed shirts, looked at valve cart; the shaft was seized in the assembly. Couldn't turn it, nor open the valve, so I immersed it in The Works, the best toilet cleaner around (because it's got lots of hydrochloric acid in it, perfect for all rust stains) and freed it up. Reassembled everything and tried it and--sure enough--the water would turn on and off, and hot and cold worked correctly.

Shutting it off, however--

I could get it to settle down to a dribble, but not off completely. That's about what I expected--that dribble was why I capped it whenver that was--but it meant I needed to cap it again until I could get a new cart. Besides, the whole thing needs caulking and we can't use the shower in there until that's done.

In our perambulations yesterday we hit Lowe's for the curtains I couldn't pick up Monday; while there, I grabbed the valve cart I need and a tube of silicone. Now all I need is to find a caulk gun--I have at least one somewhere--and then a few hours to replace the cartridge and caulk everything.

The new cartridge in the main bath works splendidly. No more dribbles. Once the master bath has been similarly repaired, we can start thinking about a better place for the cat box, because I think I'd prefer to shower in there.

We'll see, I suppose.

Last night, after putting Mrs. Fungus to bed, I put up the new curtains, and they're very nice, a perfect match to the color of the room. Then job hunting etc; I didn't do anything recreational after putting her to bed save looking at a couple of YouTube videos. I made a conscious decision not to watch any Shetland because I knew how that would turn out. Heh.

* * *

Yep, that's about the size of it. I think I'd sum it up thus:
It's okay to be black.
It's okay to be muslim.
It's okay to be hispanic.
It's okay to be gay.
It's okay to be transgendered.
Do I have the basics covered, there?

The idea that saying "It's okay to be white" is somehow controversial beggars credulity. The statement does not say anything else; it's not a statement of white supremacy, nor is it somehow demeaning other races. It's not an exclusive statement (such as "It's only okay to be white").

Yet if you look at the second link in the post, there are all these special snowflakes who infer a racist component in those five simple words. Approximately thus: "'It's okay to be white' means IT'S NOT OKAY TO BE NOT WHITE THAT'S RACISS AND BIGOTED AND NAZI FASCIST EVIL!!!!!!111"

As one commentor points out, "Black Lives Matter" doesn't imply that other lives don't matter, yet "it's okay to be white" implies that it's not okay to be not-white. But of course it's racist to say "All lives matter".

* * *

A feel-good story about a rescued cat. Cat tested positive for feline leukemia, but the vaccination cured him of it, because there's a narrow window where that can happen. Cool.

* * *

I'm looking forward to being done with today's tasks, I can tell you that.

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