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#5953: Damn it, that sucks!

No more Shetland to look forward to. Binge-watched the last four eps of the series after putting Mrs. Fungus to bed Friday night, like a bad boy.

For most of the series, I reliably could not tell where the story was going. If I guessed the culprit ahead of the reveal it was because I was using meta-knowledge, but out of all the stories in question I guessed right once.

The third season was one story, but the culprit in the murder that set it all in motion was not revealed until the last fifteen minutes of the sixth and final ep of that season, and no I didn't figure it out.

If there was one thing they did wrong in the series, it was the ham-handed way they crammed a morality play about rape and the effects it has on its victims into the latter half of the third season. But damn, what a story, even so.

I'd like to see more of this, if any is in the offing, but it doesn't look like there will be any.

Plus side: it's based on books, and I could always visit the local library and check 'em out.

* * *

The first bit in this Overnight Open Thread at AoSHQ demonstrates why raising the minimum wage causes unemployment. I hate to say this, but that electric motor does not cost any $10 per hour to maintain. Even a cheapass electric fan motor will run for hundreds of hours with no maintenance, costing only the electricity required to run it, and so what you're looking at is, in fact, merely buying the motor and installing it, which is a one-time cost.

That's where the whole thing fails, of course, except as a thought experiment. Depending on how much effort it takes to turn the crank on that machine, a $50 motor would run for a week on $7.25 worth of electricity, and even if you figure that installation of the motor and an appropriate pulley in place of the crank handle, plus a belt, cost $500, that capital investment would still pay for itself in less than two weeks...and thereafter represent a net savings every week of $282.75.

So, yeah: the replacement of labor with capital changes everything, and raising the minimum wage will only accelerate the process.

* * *

Cute and sweet relationship comics.

* * *

Dang, it's after 5 AM. Time for bed.

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