atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5959: Isn't it amazing how the little things make you feel better?

So today I got the wall completed, all the way. Putting in the box for the cable and net drops was a lot easier than I'd expected it to be, and it's solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. Getting the little goofs fixed went quickly, too. Got the woodwork nailed back down. Now it looks pretty damned good.

As a bonus, I fixed the entertainment center. It had one back panel that had come off entirely, so I pulled both of them off, enlarged the cable cutout in one, and then nailed both of them back on properly. That enhanced the rigidity of the structure and it no longer looks half-assed.

Cleaned up and put everything away, and got the miscellanious stuff all collected and stowed for Wednesday, which is when we're getting new carpet in the family room.

To make things better? Talked to two recruiters today. Tomorrow I'm driving out to meet someone face-to-face about opportunities; I had a Skype call this evening to talk about a help desk position. We'll see how we do with these, but I'm excited because it looks as if THINGS ARE FINALLY SHAKING LOOSE and I'm making progress.

I won't lie: I was damned depressed Friday night, and all through the weekend, about the situation with the holiday warehouse job. I mean, the recruiter there didn't even ask me any questions, other than "What kind of work would you prefer?" and "Morning or evening shift?" Basically if you have a pulse and can pass a drug test, you're in--which made me feel like shit: is this seriously the best job I can get? Is this all I'm worth? After all the resumes I sent out over the past nine months, a "warm body" job is the height of the pile? Seriously?

Here's what that said to me: Congratulations, loser. You're worthless. I mean, it's economically necessary work, but it's the 21st century equivalent of digging ditches. If nothing else, surely my experience in the call center qualifies me for better than that, doesn't it?

But here--finally!--it looks as if I have an opportunity to do something technical--and even if it's call center work, at least it's not billing support. It's helping people fix stuff. Hook me up.

So I need to be at the place tomorrow at 9:30 to talk to the recruiter, and we'll see where we go from there. Here's hoping.

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