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#5960: As always, the failure was one of enforcement, not the law itself

Texas church shooter was ineligible to purchase firearms. The law says this guy--due to the circumstances of his discharge from the Air Force--had lost his right to own weaponry because of the nature of his crimes. The federal background check which is performed for every gun sale did not turn up his domestic violence conviction because the Air Force dropped the ball.

The shooter should have been barred from owning firearms, according to the black-letter law. His conviction was not reported correctly, and so he was able to pass the background check which otherwise would have barred him from owning firearms.

Karl Denninger expands on this point.

So the Democrat blood dancers who didn't even wait until the bodies were moved to start claiming "we need to ban guns!" can kindly STFU because this is another case of the existing law not being followed.

And, incidentally, the Texas state system worked fine--he was denied a permit for concealed carry--where the federal system failed.

Further, Dick "Dickhead" Durbin's idiotic tweet: "MORNING READ: History will harshly judge a U.S. Congress too cowardly to act while kids are shot dead. No more, not here." He might as well say "white kids" because in his home state--Illinois--Chicago is routinely setting records for gun fatalities...but those fatalties are black, so, who cares, right, Dick? 60 dead black people per week in Chicago merits no mention from Dickhead Durbin and his ilk, but let someone shoot up a white church in rural Texas and that is a national emergency.

The truth behind the hypocrisy: they don't give a wet fart about how many people are killed, as long as they're proles and/or Republicans. What they care about is banning guns. Chicago's already got strict gun laws (which are working about as well as always) but Texas does not. That makes the difference.

* * *

Way to talk yourself out of a job, dumbass. The people who buy Jim Beam don't necessarily like feckless actresses who support Planned Parenthood.

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More about "It's okay to be white" signs. And this tweet says it all: "THEY ARE CONDUCTING MANHUNTS for a posting a piece of paper that says "It's okay to be white"... Are we living in a totalitarian dystopia?"

Are we?

* * *

The state of science reporting is such that in this story about colon health I am skeptical that the protein in question is actually called "Kenny". I mean, it actually could be named that, but there's absolutely no explanation surrounding that unusual name.

* * *

This kind of thing is why I resist cloud storage for anything.
TL;DR is Google pushed a code change out that scanned personal documents and locked out owners of said documents, because their personal documents didn't meet the Google thought-police approval.
Screw you, Goolag. This is why I don't want to use Googe Drive or any other cloud service.

* * *

Had an initial consultation with recruiting agency today. Made some changes to the resume at their request and hopefully they'll hook me up with interviews soon. Keep 'em crossed.

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