atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5961: Life is hard; it's even harder when you're stupid.

John Wayne said it. I have four examples:

Someone should explain to this woman, in words of one syllable, what vulgar two-word phrase "giving the finger" translates to. The finger is the universal sign for "fuck you", which is an obscenity. So, posting a picture of yourself on the Internet giving the finger to anyone is probably a bad idea.

And if you are taking prescription drugs overseas you should do a little research and make sure your prescription isn't banned at your destination. Especially if you are going to a muslim majority country like Egypt. And further, never sign anything you can't read.

$375 for an "antifa jacket" which is dry-clean only. What's an army surplus coat and a couple of Sharpies cost?

Centralia, Pennsylvania, where they started a coal mine fire by trying to burn garbage in a landfill. Perfect.

* * *

Working with a contract agency--I'm hoping to secure an interview with one of their clients (at least one) on Thursday. That'd be nice. One opportunity is in Schaumburg (about 75 minutes' drive from the bunker) and another is in Carol Stream, which is more like 45-50 minutes away. Sure would be nice to get an IT job, wouldn't it?

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